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Transforming UNICEF's venture fund website with Drupal 9

Transforming UNICEF's venture fund website with Drupal 9




New York, NY, US



Built an efficient platform for UNICEF to manage funds and investments aligning with its global humanitarian mission


Drupal Development

Drupal Migration

We partnered with UNICEF, one of the world's largest NGOs, to revamp and optimize the Venture Fund (VF) website. The VF program empowers local social ecosystems and blockchain-based social startups in creating Digital Public Goods (DPGs) that have a profound impact on children's lives worldwide.

UNICEF wanted to enhance the VF website design and introduce a range of user-friendly features tailored to the VF content team. The objective was to establish a central hub that streamlines collaboration and information management, covering everything from funding and investees to investments.

The website not only presents UNICEF's investment portfolio but also highlights solution profiles of projects supported by the VF program. It also fosters a space where both companies and the VF team can share news, stories, and insightful blogs, shedding light on the process and welcoming new additions to their growing portfolio.

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The challenges

UNICEF presented us with a set of challenges within their existing platform, spanning content authoring, SEO, search functionality, Git activity monitoring, and a website redesign.

Key concerns included the need to reduce dependency on developers for page changes and migrating content from simple paragraphs to a more sophisticated layout builder structure. The project also involved addressing the issue of scattered content spread across multiple spreadsheets.

The approach

Collaborating with the design team for the discovery phase, we recognized the necessity for a flexible transaction system to manage various scenarios and scalability for the non-profit. We also pinpointed the requirement for a crypto-to-USD conversion API.

Together with the client, we made a strategic decision to simplify the intricate design, opting for the SPACE DXP theme and ultimately reducing development time by 50%, and decided to leverage the benefits of Drupal 9 for enhanced performance, security, scalability, flexibility, and accessibility.

The solution

New transaction system

We built a new transaction system that tracks all transactions, including investments and donations. This platform displays all investments and allows filtering by solutions, companies, regions, early-stage funding, and growth-stage funding.

Drupal 9 development and content migration

Our development team leveraged Drupal 9 to build a fresh site for the Innovation Fund, capitalizing on its benefits like improved security, scalability, and modern features.

To optimize content migration, we tapped into the capabilities of the Drupal Migrate API, crafting custom plugins for the efficient extraction and reformatting of data from existing live sites. We migrated content from multiple sources, including spreadsheets, the previous website, and Juniper REST API.

Content authoring and navigation

To streamline data input, we established an efficient workflow for adding information and solutions, benefiting both companies and UNICEF field offices. We introduced a portfolio page that highlights companies' expertise, experience, and investment profiles.

Our team also simplified article publication with a structured format and table of contents that are dynamic and can be added by any content author. We significantly enhanced platform usability by adding a general search option for technology solutions and enabling GitHub repository sharing, delivering a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

Content authoring and navigation

API Integration

To simplify processes and the future, we integrated an API that converts all cryptocurrency transactions into USD, enabling UNICEF (and the website visitors) to effortlessly monitor the current value of all investments.

UNICEF could now closely monitor crypto investments and donations, accessing comprehensive details like timing, amount, type, and transaction verification.


By leveraging the SPACE theme, we expedited component creation, ultimately reducing development time by nearly half compared to the effort required for building everything from the ground up. This strategic choice not only saved time but also ensured that our solution maintained a high standard of design and functionality.

The outcome

The new platform serves as a centralized system for efficiently managing a wealth of essential information, including company profiles, investments, and donations, streamlining operations, and fostering collaboration.

The website brings several remarkable enhancements, offering a superb content authoring experience with the innovative SPACE layout builder and empowering users to craft compelling narratives effortlessly.

We also incorporated a Progressive Web App (PWA) architecture to ensure optimal speed and responsiveness even when handling substantial assets, delivering a seamless and engaging user experience for all users.

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