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Restaurant aggregator web & mobile interface fueled by NodeJS

Restaurant aggregator web & mobile interface fueled by NodeJS


Food and Beverages


Mumbai, India



A user-friendly web and mobile app - to help users explore top restaurants, bars, and events


Product Consulting

iOS & Android App

CMS Implementation

Rest API Development

Collaborating with Drinkasaur, we crafted a web and mobile app that provides users with a simple way to discover top restaurants, bars, and events. Our interactive dashboard makes exploration easy, allowing users to reserve tables and access guest lists easily.

We meticulously shaped the app's journey, from ideation to design, ensuring a unified experience across devices. Features like GPS-mapped curated listings and a toggle between list and map views enhance user convenience. The internal app for coupon management ensures secure transactions.

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The challenges

The challenge was to create an app unifying restaurants and events, featuring an interactive dashboard GPS-mapped curated listings that offered coupon processes. Ensuring a consistent brand identity and user experience across various devices added complexity.

The approach

At the project's outset, we aimed to create the Drinkasaur restaurant aggregator app, focusing on a unified user experience across platforms. We closely collaborated with the client to define requirements, shape the app's journey, and establish the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The solution

Drinkasaur app mockup

Consultancy and digital roadmap

After conducting detailed consultations, we thoroughly understood the client's needs. We refined and optimized the project's design accordingly. The digital roadmap provided a structured plan, starting with a minimum viable product (MVP) and expanding it as required.

This ensured an efficient development process aligned with the client's objectives.

UX design

Our UX design aimed to simplify and visually unify the Drinkasaur brand across devices. The design approach revolved around two key factors: firstly, ensuring a cohesive visual identity for the brand, and secondly, delivering a unified user experience.

It involved mapping user journeys, optimizing designs for performance, and enhancing app usability.

UX design mockups

Mobile app development

We used Ionic 1, an HTML5 mobile app development framework, to build the Drinkasaur app. This reduced development time by 50%, enabling the timely delivery. We developed an internal mobile app for the Drinkasaur team to manage user coupon redemptions.

Since financials were involved, we took extra care to watch transactions closely and prevent cheating using analytics and checklists.

Drinkasaur app screen mockups

Interactive dashboard

The app's interactive dashboard provides a seamless user experience, allowing easy reservation of tables and exploration of curated listings within a 5 km radius. With features like table booking and premium reservations, users can navigate effortlessly.

The dashboard's toggle between list and map views, Drinkasaur bar crawls, and a dedicated Happy Hours tab enhance the app's overall usability and enjoyment.

Drinkasaur mobile app


We effectively optimized the app's design and features, facilitating seamless management. Utilizing analytics provided valuable insights into user behavior, equipping the client with informed decision-making capabilities.

Implementing an internal app for coupon redemptions ensured a secure and efficient process. The result was an enhanced app performance, streamlined coupon management, and a comprehensive understanding of user interactions.

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