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Drupal multisite powered HCP portal for a Fortune 500 pharma company

Drupal multisite powered HCP portal for a Fortune 500 pharma company


Health Tech


Basel, Switzerland


Drupal multisite platform - to provide HCPs with easy access to high-value medical resources



Multisite Architecture

Drupal Development


In collaboration with Acquia, we partnered with a leading Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company to create a digital portal that provides access to a wealth of medical education resources, including articles and research papers.

The Drupal multisite platform serves as a hub for healthcare professionals worldwide to connect, share information, and access high-value materials provided by the client.

This solution facilitated efficient content management, multilingual functionality, and global collaboration across all sites.

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The challenges

The client had multiple websites for different countries and languages, making content management and adding new features hard. These websites lacked consistent branding and were not meeting country-specific requirements.

Due to this disjointed structure, healthcare providers found it difficult to access and utilize the client websites. The client required a solution to simplify the signup process and enhance website engagement.

The approach

The project initiation began with a collaborative effort between our team and Acquia. The initial phase involved a thorough consultation to understand the client's business requirements and challenges.

We proposed key features and enhancements to create a Drupal multisite platform. This platform aimed to centralize and streamline the client's digital presence, providing a cohesive and accessible healthcare portal for professionals across various countries.

The solution

Multisite platform

Multisite architecture

Multisite architecture simplified website management across countries, maintaining consistent standards. The plug-and-play feature allowed easy customization of web features for different geographies. The platform standardized and enhanced the accessibility of medical resources for HCPs worldwide.

Salesforce integration

We integrated our platform with Salesforce CRM to create a centralized and secure data management system to store user information after authentication. We also synced the content of articles and events with Salesforce so that all sites are updated automatically in real-time.

Data exchange between salesforce and website

Quiz workflow

The Quiz Workflow served as a custom learning and assessment tool. It allowed the client to create diagnostic quizzes for HCPs to meet their specific needs. As this functionality was not readily available in Drupal, our team custom-built the Quiz Workflow to enhance HCP engagement and contribution towards the resources.

Custom built workflow in drupal

Rich user profiles

Rich user profiles were set up for secure authentication and personalized previews of complete articles. Authenticated users were given a bookmark feature that made it effortless for them to navigate and retrieve high-value information.

Authoring experience

The client's content team can now easily create landing pages by choosing different layout blocks on a single page. The goal was to facilitate content management, allowing efficient customization and arrangement of layout elements.


The platform authenticates users to ensure that only trusted healthcare professionals can access sensitive information. The aim was to safeguard medical content and ensure the platform was used correctly. By using DocCheck for authentication, a widely trusted medical platform, we improved the portal's overall security and created a dependable platform for healthcare resources.


With microsites, users could access multiple product and brand sites from one platform without being redirected to external sites. The client also can create unique pages for each brand, personalizing the user experience and enabling targeted communication on specific product pages.

Creating microsites

Access management

We set up the platform to control and customize access based on user roles and permissions. Healthcare professionals get the specific access they require as per their profiles, improving security and navigation to relevant resources on the sites.

Event management

The portal informed healthcare professionals about past, current, and upcoming events. This enhanced user engagement and facilitated timely information sharing.

The Outcome

We successfully developed a transformative portal that empowered HCPs worldwide to connect, collaborate, and access a wealth of medical information. The platform facilitated knowledge consumption by providing HCPs with readily available online medical information and fostered peer-to-peer collaboration with resource-sharing options.

The client could now track online behavior and derive rich data insights to deliver personalized content at the most opportune moments. Overall, our solution helped the client to enhance HCP convenience with any time, anywhere access to a suite of interactive medical information, enabling them to make informed decisions and deliver exceptional patient care.

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