Drupal multisite powered HCP portal for a Fortune 500 pharma company




Drupal Multisite powered HCP Portal for a Fortune 500 Pharma Company
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Client & Project Overview

Established in 1996, our client is a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical corporation that ranks among the world’s leading global medicines companies with a rich history of developing innovative products. 

We partnered with Acquia to create a digital engagement portal for healthcare providers to access high-value medical education resources; articles, & research papers. The result was an accurate, relevant, and easily accessible healthcare provider portal. This portal served as a platform for healthcare providers across various countries to connect and share information. It offered a comprehensive set of resources around therapeutic areas, products, refresher courses and events, and an online store. 

Key Highlights

  • Rolled out 40 websites in 2 years

  • Facilitated knowledge consumption for Healthcare Professionals (HCP)

  • Enabled peer-to-peer collaboration

  • Derived rich data insights from HCP interactions

  • Enabled cost and time effectiveness with Drupal’s multi-site architecture

HCP Engagement and Onboarding Portal for a Fortune 500 Pharma Company
The client had multiple disconnected websites for each country in a different language. Managing these sites and adding new features was a cumbersome task.

Client Requirements

 The client was looking for: 

  • A multi-site platform to reduce the efforts for managing multiple websites

  • Multilingual functionality for displaying content in different languages as per the geography

  • Effortless content management and authoring experience

  • Enable effortless onboarding for healthcare providers and allow HCP's to engage, access, and share healthcare information with ease

  • Integrate with Salesforce CRM for efficient data management

We collaborated with our client to understand their business requirements and challenges.

Our Consulting

Our team suggested the following features and enhancements: 

  • Content restrictions that enable different user roles and permissions for accessing the portal and information

  • Quiz workflow for learning and assessment  

  • Configurable landing pages enabling ease in content management

  • Event Listing, calendar, and detail page for keeping the HCP apprised of past, current, and future events.

  • Webshop feature that enabled the client to display products 

Our Solutions

Drupal Multisite powered Healthcare Professionals Engagement & Onboarding Portal for a Leading Pharma Company

Multi-site Architecture 

The client had a separate website for each country, serving information in various languages. These sites required different features, and hence we created a multi-site architecture with plug and play features.

Salesforce Integration

We integrated the platform with Salesforce for data management and saving users’ information post-authentication. Content for articles and events was fed into Salesforce, and was updated across all sites automatically. 

Quiz Workflow

Our question workflow enabled the client to create custom workflows that served as diagnostic tools. This workflow was not readily available in Drupal, and hence was custom built for the client.

Rich User Profiles

Previews were available for each article on the portal. Users had to log in to access the complete articles. We also provided a bookmark feature for authenticated users on the portal.


We integrated the portal with DocCheck (a medical platform, widely used to find all the required medical information and used by Doctors) for authentication. 


We eliminated the need to redirect to other platforms by enabling the client to build microsites for various product pages of the brands.

Access Management

Efficient access management capability allowed health care providers to access resources based on their roles.

Event Management 

The portal displayed the event’s listing, calendar with the past, current, and future events categorized.

Authoring Experience

The portal enabled the client to create landing pages effortlessly by applying different types of layout blocks on a single page.

We delivered a portal that served as a platform for healthcare providers across various countries to connect and share information.

Business Benefits

  • Facilitate HCP knowledge consumption: The portal catered to online medical information needs

  • Enable peer-to-peer collaboration: Encouraged HCPs to share articles and other resources

  • Derive rich data insights: Track HCPs’ online behavior and enable superior analytics

  • Deliver the right message at the right time: Engage better with HCPs via personalized pages/content

  • Cost and time effectiveness with Drupal’s multi-site architecture: Eliminated the need to redirect to other platforms by enabling the client to build microsites for various product pages of the brands.

  • Enhance HCP convenience: Anytime, anywhere access to rich interactive medical information

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