About us — collaboration is the key to success with our clients and colleagues

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We're creating a digital legacy that is fueled by design, technology, and our cultural values. We approach every challenge with curiosity and an open mind, always looking to learn and grow.

We're always striving for excellence, with strong partnerships, owning our work and taking feedback every step of the way.


Beliefs and principles shape values and actions

Be Kind

Be kind

We are in the people business and people respond to kindness. Nothing trumps kindness, not even work.

Be cohesive & coherent

Be cohesive & coherent

Utilizing skills and resources to collaborate meaningfully.

Be bold

Be bold, be creative

Optimize processes by reimagining experiences and viewing them from a different perspective.

Take charge

Taking initiative to be a pillar in the organization.

Deliver excellence

Deliver excellence

Going above and beyond to achieve extraordinary results.

Our work speaks volumes across various industries with numerous valued partners

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You will find us somewhere in between design and tech, balancing, building, and crafting with all that we know, while fostering partnerships. With the coolest team of people, we are transforming cultural values into how we work, collaborate, and be at QED42

We are driven by ideas and great discussions, and you don't want to miss out on that, join us

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