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Automation testing made efficient — with an open-source, data-driven framework developed using Selenium WebDriver and Java 11

Headway approach diagramHeadway approach diagram


Web app testing with Selenium

Headway harnesses the formidable capabilities of Selenium, guaranteeing a testing experience that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Say goodbye to unreliable testing methods and welcome a world of precision and performance.

Data-driven testing

With data-driven testing, you have the power to run your tests repeatedly, cycling through a set of data records stored in a dedicated data file. This enables to identify and resolve issues across a range of scenarios, ensuring a robust and flawless application.

Cross-browser compatibility

In the ever-evolving landscape of web browsers, it's crucial to ensure your web apps perform seamlessly across all platforms. Our solution empowers you to test applications on a wide array of browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and more.

Reporting with insightful analysis

Detailed analysis is at the heart of effective testing. Headway provides a user-friendly interface for examining test execution results, complete with screenshots and comprehensive logs. You also have the option to export these results in JSON or JUnit XML formats, making it a breeze to integrate with popular CI tools like Jenkins and streamline your development workflow.

Parallel testing

Allows for efficiency and effectiveness in perfect harmony. Our parallel testing feature allows you to run tests concurrently on different browsers, optimizing the testing process for maximum coverage and minimal execution time


Designed to accelerate software testing, Headway is our powerful open-source, Selenium-based test automation framework. Built for scalability and extensibility, this platform minimizes the initial coding effort, making test automation accessible to all skill levels.

It's a feature-rich tool that requires minimal coding skills and can effectively handle any type of functional test automation project. It allows you to swiftly create and execute automated functional, regression, and smoke tests for your web applications

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Enhanced test coverage – a 40% reduction in manual efforts

Experience the power of automated testing to achieve maximum coverage of features and requirements during each test cycle. With Headway, you can incorporate meticulous validation, running extensive and complex use case tests without the need for manual oversight.

Swift execution – a 30% reduction in QA process time

Harness the potential of parallel testing, enabling your QA teams to simultaneously evaluate multiple cases and significantly shorten the overall execution time. This extra time can be directed toward optimizing the test framework or expanding its flexibility with innovative features.

Expedited release cycles – accelerate web app testing by 30%

The swifter, more accurate results achieved through our platform accelerate product releases without compromising testing quality. Reusable scripts extend the reach of your testing efforts to other use cases and projects within the organization, leading to quicker validation and web app releases.

Enhanced testing accuracy – achieve 90% precision

Headway relies on code and scripts, eliminating the risk of testing fatigue. Every unit of your product undergoes automated testing, down to the tiniest detail, ensuring precise results with every test run.

Maximize automation ROI – a 30% increase in returns

Our platform's comprehensive features, including increased test coverage, parallel testing, accelerated testing cycles, reusable scripts, and shorter feedback loops, culminate in high-quality web applications that enhance overall business efficiency and deliver a more substantial return on investment (ROI).

Elevate your software testing capabilities and streamline your automation with Headway

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