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January 13, 2023

Headway: The Way Forward in Automation

Headway: The Way Forward in Automation
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Headway is an open-source automation framework by QED42 to build test scripts and generate reports for web applications. It primarily focuses on minimizing initial framework setup and coding efforts increasing automation efficiency. It supports a data-driven framework built using Selenium, TestNG and Java libraries. 

Headway is the answer to

  • Implementing automation from scratch in an existing project
  • A cost-friendly framework - use of open-source libraries
  • Reduce dependency on highly-skilled and technical automation QAs

How does it work?

Headway is a data-driven framework consisting of various components, such as Selenium, Java Language, TestNG framework, Maven dependency management tool, and utility libraries. It supports the Page Object Model pattern, where we have separate packages for pages and tests. 

Configuration files are used to store environment and application generic data that remains static throughout the framework. All the test data can be stored in Excel or JSON files, and we can handle the data using appropriate libraries. At the end of the test suite execution, report and log files are generated with screenshots. 

Headway architecture can be reused, and libraries can be extended for test automation. Utilities of Headway can be used directly or exported as jar files in your automation project.

Headway Framework Architecture

Features of Headway

  1. Data-driven testing framework to run tests multiple times over a set of test data.
  2. Multiple browser testing on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari across various platforms.
  3. Supports sequential and parallel testing across multiple browsers to reduce overall execution time.
  4. Provides a detailed and graphical report dashboard and generates HTML reports with screenshots.
  5. In-house support to read and write various file types, such as Excel, JSON, and properties.
  6. Easily integrates with CI and 3rd party tools.

Benefits of Headway

  1. Framework development time is reduced by 40%.
  2. Reduced costs as the framework is built using open-source libraries and tools.
  3. Increases ROI by 30% due to automated framework, parallel testing, and shorter test cycles.
  4. Reduced dependency on QA experts, which provides flexibility in resources.
  5. Less execution time with parallel testing.
  6. QA resources can focus on test scripts and extending the framework.
  7. Increase in reliability and quality, accelerating validation and release of web applications.
  8. Easy to use and understand the utilities by less-skilled QA resources.

What is the wait for…

Try Headway and implement automation in your project with ease! The how-to-use guide will help you try Headway effortlessly!

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