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Support and Maintenance approach diagramSupport and Maintenance approach diagram

Digital support approach

Hyper-care support model

In our Hyper-Care support model, we ensure your success throughout the contract period. Our dedicated team offers flexible on-site or offshore options tailored to your needs. Pricing is determined by performance parameters such as SLAs, while we handle scheduling, resourcing, and team management.

Shared support model

Our Shared Support Model offers efficient ticket-based L2/L3/L4 support. Our offshore team can be deployed on-site based on your needs. We manage multiple clients without compromising support performance parameters. This is efficient, reliable support tailored to your specific work requirements.

Digital support services

L1 - Call support

We understand that efficient issue resolution is essential to your operational continuity, and our L1 support is dedicated to providing quick and informative assistance. At the first level of our support services, you can count on swift and informative assistance. Our user help desk is expertly equipped to screen, prioritize, and assign issues to the right experts who have the knowledge and experience to ensure prompt resolutions. This level of support is designed to be your initial point of contact for any issues or concerns you may encounter.

L2 - Config or CMS queries

We understand that these types of queries can significantly impact your daily operations, and our L2 support is here to streamline the resolution process. In the area of configuration and Content Management System queries, we accept support requests via tickets, allowing us to prioritize and efficiently manage the resolution process. Whether you need assistance with basic application configurations or require effective workarounds for CMS-related issues, our team is ready to deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

L3 - Bug fixes

Our L3 support level is dedicated to the health and hygiene of your application. In this tier, our expert team focuses on swiftly addressing bugs and issues that may arise. We understand that application performance is vital to your business, and our team is prepared to take the necessary steps, including code changes, to ensure quick bug fixes and optimize performance. We prioritize the seamless operation of your application, ensuring it operates at its peak performance levels. Our goal is to maintain the reliability and performance that your users depend on.

L4 - Feature enhancements

Unlocking the full potential of your application is the focus of our L4 support level. Here, we cater to feature enhancement requests, offering our development expertise in areas such as requirement specifications, technical design, and comprehensive testing. We understand that your application's functionality and features play a crucial role in your business operations. Our team is here to collaborate with you, ensuring that your feature enhancement requests are meticulously executed to meet your specifications. Whether it's improving existing features or introducing new ones, our L4 support ensures that your application evolves to meet your changing business needs.

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Digital maintenance services

Product & app enhancement

As your software products naturally evolve over time, we facilitate a culture of continuous innovation. This involves the rapid implementation of updates, the enhancement of existing features, the seamless integration of new software components, re-architecting applications to keep them up-to-date, and actively incorporating user-driven ideas into the evolution process. In addition, we conduct feasibility studies and ROI calculations to ensure that your decisions regarding these enhancements are grounded in data and insight.

Security & compliance management

Our approach to security and compliance management is designed to allow you to concentrate on your strategic security priorities while we take care of the day-to-day tasks of threat management, data protection, and regulatory compliance. Our expert team operates round the clock, offering services such as continuous monitoring, comprehensive audits, vulnerability diagnostics, and proactive security measures. We provide you with valuable insights and recommendations to create a holistic threat management strategy.

Performance management

Our performance management services are dedicated to ensuring that your software products maintain optimal performance levels. We take a proactive approach, predicting and preventing issues that could impact your users' experience. This includes round-the-clock monitoring, detailed tracking of digital experiences, database monitoring, rigorous testing, and a continuous process of optimization. The result is a superior user experience, with minimal disruptions.

CI/CD & DevOps implementation

Embracing the principles of enterprise-ready DevOps, our implementation streamlines your development process by creating efficient toolchains, automating the build, test, and deployment phases, and ensuring continuous improvement. This not only boosts agility but also enhances reliability and competitive advantage. Moreover, it fosters productive collaboration within your team, enabling a more efficient and innovative work environment.

Version & software upgrades

In an ever-evolving technology landscape, staying ahead is essential. Our expertise ensures seamless transitions to the latest software versions. This process enhances various aspects of your software, including performance, security, usability, reliability, and resilience. By keeping your software updated, you're better equipped to meet the demands of a rapidly changing digital world.

Cloud resource management

Our team specializes in analyzing your cloud infrastructure to optimize resource allocation. to efficiently manage your cloud resources for cost optimization and performance enhancement. This, in turn, leads to improved application performance and reduced operational costs, ensuring that your cloud resources are fully harnessed to meet your business objectives.

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