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User Interface and User Experience Design
Design is not just about how it looks but also how it functions. We at QED42, are dedicated to build spectacular digital experiences. Our goal is to make websites and mobile apps engaging and delightful to use. We specialize in creating user-centred, aesthetically appealing and highly functional designs for websites and mobile applications. Equipped with a team of experienced, creative and highly skilled designers, we successfully create experiences that make the best impression on the users. We focus on understanding and analyzing the needs of the target audience thereby crafting attractive and functional websites and mobile applications. We don’t just design websites, we design experiences by making use of the latest tools and technologies.
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Visual Design
Visual Design makes the first impression of any product or service when a customer views it for the first time. It is an essential part of any brand, project, business or event. We help our clients in creating a distinctive and attractive impression for their brand that builds trust, loyalty and engagement of their customers. Our creative team takes care of all visual design processes from illustrations and infographics to web design elements. We believe in transforming ideas into one of a kind visuals.
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Social Media and Marketing Design
At QED42, we provide social media and marketing design services to help our clients communicate with their customers in various creative ways through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We design and deliver visual assets, craft social media content and manage day-to-day social media posts.
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Your brand identity represents who you are and it is is one of your most valuable assets. A brand is what sets you apart in a crowded marketplace. QED42 specialises in creating thoughtfully developed and unique brands that connect our clients with their customers and build trust and awareness. From logo design to corporate identity, we helps our clients develop a consistent brand tone by using a mix of both strategy and design.
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The design
approach we follow

We follow a collaborative approach that promotes constructive reflection and dialogue, where all parties involved are equal, and working together towards a shared goal.

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Empathy is our entry into the design process for any project. 
In this stage we get to know about the project and target audience through formal and informal conversations. Activities in Empathy include collecting data about business objectives and user behaviour / preferences via diverse methods and techniques like interviews, personas, card sorting, surveys, etc.

Team Collaboration

+ Designer+ User+ Client


Converging all learnings and ideas to one point, to define all unstructured findings derived in the stage of empathy. This is the stage where we synthesise knowledge into ‘insights’ - the static truth about the user’s motivations, wishes or pain, regarding a specific topic. As a result, we come up with comprehensive documentation about the design language and visual communication system

Team Collaboration

+ Designer+ Dev Team+ Client
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Prototyping and Testing


This is where we restrain from limiting ourselves and approach ideation with an open mind. We take knowledge derived in discovery to come up with user-experience layouts. As a result, we end up with low-fidelity wireframes, UX explorations and layout structures, which is then discussed with the dev team and client, to arrive at the best flow possible.

Team Collaboration

+ Designer+ Dev Team


Purpose of prototyping phase is to test our designs with beta users and evaluate if designs convert to usable business solutions. The extent of prototyping varies from project to project, some projects might need just clickable prototype mockups while others might require draft functional implementation of mockups. We use varied tools for prototype like Adobe XD, invision, Principle, RAD frameworks for functional implementations etc.

Team Collaboration

+ Designer+ Dev Team+ Client

Usability Testing

This ranges from simple hallway tests with 5 coworkers to unmoderated remote tests involving hundreds of users simultaneously. To capture user feedback we conduct one on one interviews or use web analytics tools to infer user journeys for large scale feedback.

Team Collaboration

+ Dev Team+ Client+ Beta User
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User Interface Design

Once we are sure that our prototype is a step in right direction, we proceed on high definition UI Designs. This stage of the design process includes designing icons, textures, colours, typography, and accurately positioned elements. This also includes all page designs and responsive changes based on viewport.

Team Collaboration

+ Designer+ Front End Team

Post Production Follow up

Our work doesn’t end at high fidelity designs, we support the development team to understand the intent of design (like animation expectations etc) and regularly conduct design QA.

Team Collaboration

+ Designer+ Front End Team

Design Communication Roadmap

Effective communication is critical for success of any project, and it becomes even more critical during the design process, as the number of stakeholders are higher, ranging from Development team to beta users of the product or service. An effective communication plan is vital to success of the design process, i.e. to know which stakeholders to involve at what stage and to know the expected deliverables of each stage, for everyone to be on the same page. Below we share the design communication timeline we follow on most projects

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