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Increasing employee engagement at HERE Technologies

Increasing employee engagement at HERE Technologies




Amsterdam, Netherlands

HERE Technologies


Intuitive Design – to help employees find required information effortlessly and enhance engagement


UX & UI Design

Drupal Development

Technical Consultancy

We partnered with HERE Technologies to improve their employee experience by redesigning their Knowledge Junction Portal (KMS). The new KMS is more intuitive and user-friendly, with features like interest-based notifications and better search functionality.

We also built an intuitive quiz module and robust reporting system called as ‘Process Knowledge Test’ that helps HERE Technologies assess the skills & knowledge of their employees. This module provides instant reports for quiz takers and for their learning department to make strategic decisions regarding training.

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The challenge

The KMS was a complex system with legacy code, redundant content, and delayed page loads. The knowledge junction portal lacked software delivery tools and processes for deployments, which made it difficult to roll out new features and updates.

We were able to overcome these challenges by working closely with HERE Technologies and using our expertise in user experience design and development.

The solution

Knowledge junction portal

We designed the new knowledge portal to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a strategic content placement that made it easy for professionals and teams to consume content. The portal was designed to help HERE Technologies learn, synchronize, share, manage, and upload data about their programs, customers, products, and feedback.

HERE Technologies website mockups

SOLR search

We integrated Drupal with the SOLR Search API module to improve the performance and deliver a better search functionality for users. We indexed the data on the SOLR server and added customized filters as per our client's requirements.

Personalized notifications

We enabled users to subscribe to specific content or sections of the content via Drupal's flag module. This allows users to receive personalized notifications on the site instantly when there are updates to the content they have subscribed to.

We also used the extended notification widget contrib module to display the recently updated content based on the user's subscription.


We built an admin dashboard that displays the total number of users who have expressed interest in a particular piece of content. This information helps HERE Technologies plan their content depending on their user requests.

The dashboard also displays a snippet of the content to the users, so they can preview it before requesting the full document.

Amazon SES integration

We integrated the KMS with Amazon SES to send personalized email notifications to content subscribers every week or based on the respective users' configurations. These personalized email notifications contributed to higher adoption rates for the KMS.

KMS with Amazon SES

Process knowledge test

We designed the quiz module to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple and engaging interface for employees. The quiz results are displayed immediately with detailed statistics. The quiz creation workflow is structured and simplified to allow users with different roles and permissions to collaborate effectively.

Quiz timer

We added a time limit field to the quiz module so that users can only answer the questions within the specified time limit. After the timer expires, the user will not be able to answer the remaining questions. We also added a field to show a reminder of time expiration, so that users know how much time is left to complete the quiz.

Number of attempts

We allowed quiz authors to set the number of attempts for each quiz. The default number of attempts is 1 for PKT and 2 for Training type. Quiz authors can edit this value as needed.

Skip functionality

We added a quiz question skip functionality that allows users to skip questions and revisit them later. When the user is ready to submit the quiz, the module displays a pop-up to remind them of the skipped questions. This functionality gives users the flexibility to attempt the questions in a way that is convenient for them.

Multimedia questions

We enabled multiple-choice media questions in the quiz module to deepen engagement with interactive content. This allows admins to create questions with images or videos, and users can select the correct answer from a multiple-choice list. This type of question is more engaging and can help users learn more effectively.

Browse PKT

The browse PKT functionality provides users with a dashboard to view their assigned PKTs, recently attempted quizzes, PKTs assigned for a retest, closed PKTs, and non-assigned ones. This functionality helps users stay up to date on their process knowledge test and training status, so they can make informed decisions about their learning.


We designed and delivered three different dashboards for HERE Technologies: User Dashboard, PL Dashboard, and LPD Dashboard. These dashboards are accessible to users according to their roles and permissions, and they display information like performance reports, analytics, error trends, and more that are relevant to the particular user.

Dashboard for  HERE Technologies

The outcome

The new KMS provides a single, unified platform for employees to access all of the knowledge they need, in their preferred formats. This streamlines the knowledge management process for both employees and content authors and improves efficiency and productivity.

It also offers a personalized onboarding experience that helps users get started quickly and easily. Users can subscribe to specific content categories or topics to stay up-to-date on the information that is most relevant to their work.

Managers and L&D teams get greater visibility into team performance and learning needs. This information is used to design and deliver more targeted training and development programs.

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