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An intuitive platform to find co-living spaces for digital nomads

An intuitive platform to find co-living spaces for digital nomads


Real Estate


Lisbon, Portugal



Building a pioneering real estate tech platform for the global remote working community


User Experience

User Interface

JavaScript App Development

Design Thinking

Established in 2017, NomadX, a groundbreaking real estate technology platform, was on a mission to transform the experience for digital nomads — remote work travelers seeking affordable accommodations for extended stays.

We partnered with NomadX to create this user-friendly real estate platform. Our focus was on simplifying property rentals and addressing communication challenges. Developed a responsive mobile app with features like maps, roommate finding, and host communication.

Our goal was to establish a secure and user-friendly environment for digital nomads globally.

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The challenges

Facing the challenge of fragmented rental processes and the absence of a centralized solution, we had to create a platform connecting hosts in Portugal to a global network of digital nomads.

From streamlining the rental process to ensuring effective communication - we had to overcome the communication gaps between users and hosts for a better user experience. Our team needed to balance the needs of hosts and digital nomads in a marketplace setting.

The approach

We kicked off the project by developing a user-friendly mobile app to simplify property rentals and enhance connections between hosts and users. This involved thorough planning, creative design thinking, and building a platform with novel features to meet community needs.

The solution

nomadx app mockup

Online platform

A robust online platform was developed — this centralized hub empowered hosts to list properties, enabling digital nomads to effortlessly explore and book accommodations for 1-6 months. The primary emphasis was on creating a scalable, user-friendly solution to address the challenge of disorganized rental processes.

UI/UX design

Dedicated to crafting an engaging and intuitive User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design for NomadX, our team aimed to make the platform visually appealing and user-centric.

Prioritizing design thinking principles, we contributed to developing an interface that resonated with NomadX's vision of making Portugal and other parts of Europe feel like home.

App development

Spearheading NomadX's responsive mobile app development, we focused on supporting diverse screen sizes and devices. The seamless and user-friendly app experience allowed users to easily access property listings, filter searches, and manage records with a tap on their phones.

Our efforts aimed to provide digital nomads with a convenient and accessible solution while on the move.

Responsive maps and information

Leading the development of NomadX's mobile app, our focus was on ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience across various devices. The app allowed users to effortlessly access property listings, filter searches, and manage records with just a tap, providing a convenient solution while on the move.

nomadx screen mockup

Find a roommate feature

Introducing the "Find a Roommate" feature, our team conceptualized and implemented this functionality. Users could easily connect with potential roommates, fostering community bonds among digital nomads and aligning with NomadX's vision of providing accommodations and building a community.

Connect with the host feature

Instrumental in enhancing user interaction, the "Connect with the Host" feature integrated a chat-based service within the platform.

Providing a direct communication channel, it addressed communication challenges and enriched the overall user experience by fostering transparent and meaningful conversations between hosts and digital nomads.

chat based service platform

The outcome

We successfully reshaped the digital nomad lifestyle by creating a real estate platform that streamlined accommodation for short to medium-term stays.

The NomadX platform, a centralized online portal, connected hosts in Portugal to a global network of digital nomads, facilitating hassle-free property listings and bookings for 1-6 months.

The outcome includes remarkable customer satisfaction, solidifying NomadX's position as an innovative solution for the dynamic global Digital Nomad community.

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