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Drupal 9 & Acquia Site Studio platform for the world largest’s FMCG company

Drupal 9 & Acquia Site Studio platform for the world largest’s FMCG company




Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland


Upgraded Drupal platform – to host and manage 70+ country websites under one Content Management System.


Drupal 9 Migration

Acquia Site Factory


Performance optimization

We partnered with the world's largest food and beverage company to migrate their 70+ brands from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. We completely re-architected their website, improving performance and accessibility, while offering a flexible site-building experience that meets all brand-specific requirements.

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The challenge

The client's Drupal 7 site was outdated and complex, making it difficult for content editors to create and manage content independently.

The client also wanted to bring all of their brand, product, and content data to the new Drupal 9 site, and integrate it with their existing digital ecosystem. UI and integration requirements were specific to each brand’s website and had to be customized.

The approach

To address the client's challenges, we first analyzed their Drupal 7 portal to assess the feasibility of upgrading to Drupal 9.

We then proposed Acquia Site Studio as a solution for its page-building capabilities, which would eliminate technical debt, remove legacy components, and facilitate a better site-building approach for component-driven architecture. We avoided code-level customization and planned to configure components to achieve brand-specific changes.

Finally, we developed a migration plan from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 that included re-architecting the content model and site-building approach, as well as improving the content editing experience and workflow integrations.

The solution

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Drupal 9 migration

To migrate the client's site to Drupal 9, we first identified and removed all unnecessary modules, code, and functionalities. We then generalized the content types by implementing a new schema and mapping all content destinations in Drupal 9.

Custom module

We developed a custom module to integrate Swiper Slider which was not provided by Acquia Site Studio. This slider is used extensively on the client's site to display a variety of media assets, including YouTube videos and images.

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Effortless content authoring

We leveraged Acquia Site Studio to make the content authoring process easy and effortless. The pre-built library of components gave content editors complete control over page layouts and content management.

Performant digital experiences

We created Google AMP pages to deliver high-performance digital experiences. This made the site load faster on mobile devices, improving the user experience for people with low bandwidth.

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The outcome

We built and designed all 70+ of the client's brands under a single platform, with a standardized component-based structure. This gave the content team complete control over content creation and management, while also enabling each brand to have its unique design.

We ensured Level AA accessibility compliance and facilitated brand-specific domain creation for some brands. The client is now able to manage all their brand websites under one platform and deliver performant experiences to all users.

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