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Enabling Ashoka's presence across 90+ geographies with a resilient content architecture

Enabling Ashoka's presence across 90+ geographies with a resilient content architecture




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Ashoka, a global non-profit organization, fosters a community of leaders who aspire to transform their region. Through its programs, Ashoka aims to cultivate and amplify a global movement of change-makers from diverse cultural and regional backgrounds.

We collaborated with Ashoka to extend its reach to over 90 geographies. Each website was customized to address the specific needs of the local community, streamlining content management and updates for Ashoka.

This ongoing partnership has also facilitated the establishment of global connections with supporters and beneficiaries, making a substantial contribution to Ashoka's digital transformation journey.

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The challenge

Ashoka needed a digital solution that could scale to support its expanding global operations. They required a robust content management system to effectively manage multiple websites across different regions, each with unique requirements. It was important for them to easily change and translate content in different languages and effectively engage with their diverse audience.

The approach

Our commitment was to preserve Ashoka's existing technical infrastructure while migrating the parent website to Drupal 8. Building on our longstanding partnership, we further upgraded Ashoka's site to Drupal 9, establishing a more robust and scalable non-profit platform for future growth.

We developed solutions that met Ashoka's current requirements and also laid a solid foundation for future growth and scalability. The objective was to make the website more user-friendly for Ashoka's global audience, incorporating a customizable content strategy tailored to different locations.

The solution

Content localization

By leveraging Drupal core's language capabilities, we assigned a dedicated language to each country where Ashoka operates. This ensured accessibility and a user-friendly experience for individuals who speak different languages.

We employed standard and localized blocks specific to each region. These customizable modules cater to the needs and preferences of our target audiences, establishing a well-organized language hierarchy and maintaining a logical content structure.

The benefits of this multilingual solution extend the reach of Ashoka's global platform, engaging individuals who were previously inaccessible. It enhances the user experience by delivering content in their preferred language, resulting in increased satisfaction and engagement.

This solution streamlined content sharing, collaboration, customization, and adaptation for different regions and languages.

Content localization

Drupal migration

The improved and updated features in Drupal 9, prioritizing performance and security, greatly contributed to the success of our migration project. The localization tools and flexible component-based architecture streamlined the process and also laid a robust foundation for a website ready to face future challenges.

To ensure a seamless migration, we used automated scripts to transfer 93 Drupal entities, including different content types, paragraphs, taxonomies, users, media, URL aliases, and redirects. The integration of improved localization and a component-based architecture played a crucial role in optimizing the transfer process, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration.

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Content architecture

The stakeholders wanted to completely change the website using a modern and efficient component-based approach. However, after analyzing the current content structure, we found out that their platforms were not compatible with this approach. To meet their vision, we redesigned the content architecture, focusing on using paragraphs as building blocks for the components.

This solution resulted in remarkable outcomes. We built a website with exceptional flexibility and reusability, making updates and maintenance effortless. This approach exceeded the client's expectations, providing them with a cutting-edge online presence.

Third-party recruitment portal

After migrating to Drupal, we implemented an integration between Ashoka's website and Jobvite, a cloud-based recruiting platform. This integration was designed to comply with web accessibility standards and guidelines (WCAG).

By integrating Jobvite with Ashoka's career page, any updates or changes made on the recruitment portal would automatically be reflected on the website. This ensures that job seekers, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities, can easily access the most up-to-date information about open positions.

Third-party recruitment portal

CRM and search features

Connecting Ashoka's Salesforce CRM with the website ensured smooth data alignment. We also introduced Algolia search, which allows for language-specific nuances and provides accurate search results for diverse user bases. This enhancement aims to improve user experiences by delivering highly relevant search results in real-time.

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The outcome

Our partnership with Ashoka involves continuously developing their Drupal sites and various partner sites, which include a fellow directory, an assessment platform, and microsites for specific initiatives. We also provide support and maintenance for all of Ashoka's technical infrastructure, including their AWS servers.

This commitment ensures ongoing transformation, meeting user needs, platform reliability, and functionality of their digital ecosystem.

Ashoka's multilingual website reaches a global audience with tailored content for over 90 regions supporting Ashoka's global mission to empower social entrepreneurs.

Talk to our experts to know more about how we can customize digital solutions that fit your needs.

I would like to thank QED42 for providing Ashoka with a team of curious, excited, always-on-their-toes, hardcore professionals. What makes this relationship special is the heart and soul these developers bring into their work. Over the 3 years, we have grown into a full-fledged development team successfully managing a complex, multilingual website.


Jayalakshmi Jayanth

Build Team Manager

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