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NSE Clearing — Secure and scalable digital finance solutions with Drupal 9

NSE Clearing — Secure and scalable digital finance solutions with Drupal 9




Mumbai, India

NSE Clearing Limited (NSCCL)


Drupal 9 — Elevating the digital finance ecosystem with consistent, secure, and scalable content management for NSCCL


Design System

Component-Based Architecture

We collaborated with NSCCL, a subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange, to build a website that ensures consistency with the overall brand, is responsive, and simplifies content management.

We selected Drupal 9 as our solution, integrating its features and functionalities seamlessly while ensuring 100% WCAG 2.0 compliance. This solution perfectly matched the National Stock Exchange's brand and aligned with its vision and goals.

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The challenges

The NSE Clearing website was built using a static HTML structure, which made it inflexible and unresponsive. The user experience and brand guidelines didn't match the main NSE website, causing confusion for users. Managing content was a real struggle for NSE Clearing teams, especially when it came to updating settlement statistics and circulars promptly.

The approach

Recognizing the need for a complete website overhaul, we, along with the stakeholders at NSE, decided to go ahead with Drupal 9. Our goal was to create a website that allowed for easy content management, making updates and maintenance a breeze.

Our goal was to ensure modern features and functionalities, human-centred experience, consistency with the NSE brand and to meet accessibility standards, achieving 100% WCAG 2.0 compliance.

The solution

NSE Clearing Website Mockups

Improved content structure

We improved the content structure for NSE Clearing by implementing content types with tailored fields, creating taxonomies for precise categorization, and designing custom views for optimized content display.

Leveraging Drupal 9 we improved content presentation and navigation through strategically placed blocks and menus. The optional Paragraphs module added flexibility for dynamic content layouts.

Better navigation

Once we improved the way content was organized, we carefully planned how users would navigate the website. We wanted to make sure that finding information was easy and straightforward for everyone. We strategically planned user journeys to establish straightforward and intuitive paths for users to navigate and follow.

Better navigation

Easy content management

We ensured that NSE Clearing teams could effortlessly create, manage, and publish pages. This was made possible through a simple drag-and-drop interface powered by Drupal 9, significantly reducing their dependence on the development team.

Easy content management

Improved content oversight

We developed a custom content framework with defined standards to enhance content creation efficiency. We also implemented personalized workflows for team members to increase content management efficiency and provide users/content authors with complete control and freedom.

Consistent experience

We created a design system with standardized and reusable components. The design system paved the way for a cohesive and unified online identity. Our solution also empowered NSE Clearing to expand its digital presence, ensuring a consistent appearance across all web pages and digital platforms.

Migration to Drupal 9

Migrating the website to Drupal 9 marked a significant transformation for NSE Clearing. This move allowed us to establish a robust foundation, incorporating the latest features and security enhancements. With this upgrade, we ensured design consistency and scalability.

The content teams gained freedom and control, enabling them to create and publish content independently. This strategic decision also accelerated the website's growth and enhanced its adaptability to meet the evolving needs and vision of NSE Clearing.

Migration to Drupal 9
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