Drupal 9 & Acquia Site Studio powered platform for the world’s largest FMCG company




Drupal 9 powered solution for the world’s largest F&B company
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Client Overview

Being the world's largest food and beverage company. Our client has more than 2000 brands ranging from global icons to local favorites and is present in 191 countries across the globe. 

We partnered with Acquia and our client to migrate the web property from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9.

Project Overview

The client’s primary goal was to migrate 70+ brands from an outdated Drupal 7 platform to Drupal 9. We partnered with Acquia and our client to migrate the client’s web property from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. With outdated components, legacy page building architecture, and a non-optimized site-building process, our team completely re-architectured the client’s website resulting in improved performance, accessibility, and offering a flexible site-building experience that accommodates all brand-specific requirements. 

  • Built and designed all 70+ brands under a single platform with a standard component-based structure

  • Enhanced site-building / content editor experience

  • Enabled flexibility to include brand-specific page components

  • Enhanced the search portal, UI, and functionalities of different brands along with translating content into French

websites migrated to Drupal 8

Brand sites designed and built

Drupal 9 powered solution for the world’s largest F&B company

Control over the content editing experience

The core requirement of this project was content migration from the legacy Drupal 7 site to the new Drupal 9 site using Acquia Site Studio.

Client Requirements

With a Drupal 7 site with a lot of outdated components, the client faced the following challenges:

  • A complex page-building process via HTML, CSS, JS custom packages

  • Content editors lacked the freedom to create layouts independently

  • The Drupal 7 site had a lot of outdated features and functionalities

The client wanted to bring all its brand details & categories, product details & categories, articles, videos, general pages, custom packages, recipes, and imagery to the Drupal 9 site as-is from multiple brands. 

Apart from this, below is the list of requirements:

  • Ability to have different UI for their various brands

  • Integrate their digital ecosystem with third-party systems like Shopify, Bazaarvoice, Price Spider, and Smart Recipe Hub (SRH)

  • Integrating GIGYA forms

Strategy & Consulting

Before starting the project our team of experts:

  • Analyzed the client’s existing Drupal 7 portal to assess the feasibility of upgrading the website to Drupal 9.

  • Proposed Acquia Site Studio for its page-building benefits, eliminating the technical debt, removing the legacy component, and adopting a better site-building approach suitable for component-driven architecture.

  • Planned to avoid code-level customization to achieve brand-specific changes and convert it to components configuration.

  • We also planned the migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9, including re-architecting the content model and site-building approach, and improving the content editing experience and workflow integrations.

Our Solution

Drupal 9 powered solution for the world’s largest F&B company

Effortless Content Authoring via Acquia Site Studio

We leveraged Acquia Site Studio to simplify the content editing experience. Empowering content editors with 100% control over page layouts through the available predefined set of components. 

Performant Digital Experiences

We also created Google AMP pages to make the site more performant & load quickly on mobile devices. This in turn improved the user experience enabling users with low bandwidth to access the site easily.

Drupal 9 Migration

For migrating to Drupal 9, we identified all unnecessary modules, code, and functionalities and generalized the content types by implementing schema and mapping all content destinations in D9.

Custom Module

The client’s site heavily used sliders that displayed different media assets from Youtube videos to images. We developed a custom module for integrating Swiper Slider which is not provided by Acquia Site Studio.

Built and designed all 70+ brands under a single platform with a standard component-based structure.

Business Benefits

  • Content editors now have 100% control over a page layout with Site Studio’s component-based approach. 

  • We enabled the client's different brand sites to have brand-specific designs

  • Delivered performant websites with the help of AMP pages

  • Ensured Level AA accessibility compliance

  • We also facilitated brand-specific domain creation for some brands to display specific brands related information served by different domains.

The platform development and component-based feature rollouts were implemented using Drupal 9 and Acquia Site Studio.

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