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Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories — Building the future of healthcare engagement with Lean UX and Drupal

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories — Building the future of healthcare engagement with Lean UX and Drupal


Health Tech


Hyderabad, Telangana, India



Digital Engagement Portal – for healthcare professionals to access high-value medical resources for their practice needs



HCP Portal Development

Drupal 9 Multisite

Design System

We collaborated with the Dr. Reddy's Laboratories team to strengthen their connection with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and enable the DRL team to efficiently create new websites.

We achieved this by using Drupal and crafting a diverse digital engagement portal, offering HCPs access to tailor-made, valuable medical content. The platform is not only multilingual but also universally accessible, ensuring that HCPs worldwide can conveniently access it in their preferred language.

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The challenges

In addressing Dr. Reddy Laboratories' HCPs' challenges, we had to design a user-friendly and intuitive platform, accommodating users with limited technical expertise. It was crucial to make this platform multilingual to cater to the diverse healthcare professionals worldwide, we also had to ensure robust security measures to safeguard sensitive medical data.

Dr Reddy's Lab Mockups

The approach

We implemented a lean UX methodology to foster close collaboration with the DRL team at every stage of the project. This approach applied rapid iteration and continuous feedback through discovery workshops, mapping out user journeys, developing wireframes, crafting intuitive UI designs, creating interactive prototypes, and ensuring that every decision was informed by real user insights.

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The solution

The solution

Discovery workshops

The workshop with the stakeholders helped us understand how doctors and pharmacists would use the platform and enabled us to understand user pain points, needs, and motivations better. We then mapped out their journeys, illustrating how each persona would engage with the platform's features in various scenarios.

Discovery workshops

Wireframing to design iterations

To facilitate meaningful connections among healthcare professionals, we initiated a process by first developing preliminary iterations of wireframes. These wireframes were tailored to seamlessly transition users between two core platform experiences: one centered around text-based interactions and the other exclusively focused on video interactions.

Wireframing to design iterations

Design system

Creating a design system was instrumental in our approach. With the power of the system, we could consistently produce refined, user-friendly screen designs, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

On the tech side, this strategic approach leveraged the design system and a multi-site architecture, to serve and streamline usability, enhance management, and enable seamless deployment across a wide array of geographical locations.

Design system

Drupal 9 multi-site architecture

The implementation of Drupal 9's multi-site architecture, coupled with a centralized content hub, empowered the DRL team to effortlessly publish and distribute content across their digital platforms.

This streamlined implementation also ensured compliance with geo-specific regulations, enhancing both efficiency and precision in Dr.Reddy’s content distribution strategy.

Drupal 9 multi-site architecture

Unified DXP for MedEnrich

MedEnrich's unified Digital Experience Platform (DXP), built by our team, personalizes the doctor's journey by providing content tailored to each doctor's specialty and demographics. Features like video resume and personalized recommendations, including weekly email suggestions, enhance the user experience.

This DXP integrates robust analytics to provide valuable insights into user behavior and content performance. The platform streamlines content management and seamlessly integrates with existing systems, offering a comprehensive view of doctor interactions.  

Drupal's robust security features built into the platform ensure compliance and data protection for all information.

The outcome

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories is now expanding its digital reach worldwide. Their new digital strategy allows for the faster creation of localized websites, catering to specific regions.

Powered by a robust and unified CMS—Drupal, authors can efficiently update information, saving valuable time. This also helps free up resources for DRL teams to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives, ensuring a strong digital presence and better patient care.

The platform, crafted to prioritize healthcare professional's time, comes with a personalized onboarding process with a smooth and intuitive user experience. As our collaboration continues, this user-centered approach extends across all digital touchpoints for Dr. Reddy's.

The outcome

They have a great team of expert developers. QED42 team believes in collaboration and thus follow best practices and right set of platforms for communication and coordination. Even when it comes to delivery the team is very diligent in it. They have a great team of expert developers.


Prakhar Sharma

Product Owner, Branded Markets

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