Our .NET Web Development Service Offerings

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Custom Web & Application Development

Our Microsoft-certified .NET development team will work with you in building custom applications that meet your requirements and preferences with scalability and flexibility. Whether it is to design a simple website or build a complex app, we will help you transform your business into a futuristic digital model.

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

Integrations & Customization

Our customized third-party .NET solutions and API development will help you integrate Microsoft platforms, such as SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, others seamlessly with your existing apps, systems, and software. Other services like UI maintenance, upgrades, support, and API optimization, ensure your business apps are diverse and future-ready.

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

.NET Migration

Migrate your legacy apps to modern codebases offering a flexible and better operating environment. We ensure smooth application migration and code modernization by evaluating your existing .NET framework, dependencies, and compatibility to move to viable software with advanced capabilities. 

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

Microsoft Application Modernization

Modernize your older Microsoft technologies, such as Classic ASP, Visual Basic, Silverlight, WinForms, older .NET framework versions, and more by moving to the new .NET framework. We will help you re-architect and re-model your old MS apps by re-configuring them to work on the latest MS .NET software.   

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

Migrate to Microsoft Azure to enable an agile environment to store and run business applications smoothly and quickly. We will help you move your existing infrastructure and apps to the cloud or build new apps or API with hybrid-cloud deployment. 

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

.NET Application Testing

We follow test-driven development to ensure maximum code coverage and the highest deployment success rate. Our quality assurance team has experts in manual and automated testing as well as dedicated experts in cloud performance engineering.


DOTNET Development Company - QED42

.NET Support and Maintenance

Ensure smooth running of your .NET apps with our robust support services, such as automated backups, quick page loading, reduced downtime, error-free plugins performance, advanced security, and upgraded software. We maintain, monitor, and repair systems running IIS, Xamarin, SQL Server, Azure Services, and more. 

Our .NET Development Tech Stack

Why choose .NET?

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

Platform Independence

.NET supports all platforms. Developers can reuse code and skills to rapidly build any type of application to run on any type of platform with lesser costs. Whether you want to build a mobile app to run on Windows, iOS, and Android, or run Enterprise server applications on both Enterprise server and Linux, the .NET framework makes it possible. 

DOTNET Development Company - QED42


.NET is faster and more reliable than other frameworks. Apps yield better response times with less computing power.  It makes the entire process flexible and enhances the user experience with high speed and performance. 

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

Trusted and Secure

Backed by Microsoft, the .NET foundation, and a vast community, .Net technologies are very secure as they are updated immediately when threats are discovered and are trusted by the world’s largest enterprises for running their businesses. The in-built Windows Authentication enables the building of secure apps. 

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

Large Ecosystem (Open-Source)

A large open-source ecosystem of more than 5,000,000 global .NET developers enables the utilization of library resources, such as Visual Studio Marketplace and NuGet Package Manager to create various web apps, mobile apps, websites, and web services. The 100, 000+ contributions in the ecosystem from more than 3,700 companies help resolve any technical problems or challenges quickly.

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

Better Scalability

.NET framework enables the reuse of components to create new software without affecting other codes. Codes can be changed easily with faster algorithms and advanced technologies for better capabilities.  

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

Quick Deployment

.NET framework expedites app deployment with a one-time setup creation facility. Apps can be quickly created and deployed on Microsoft servers facilitating faster time-to-market.

DOTNET Development Company - QED42

Enhanced UI Controls

.NET hosts an array of rich in-built UI (User Interface) controls and supports third-party UI controls to enhance user engagement. Features, such as the drag-and-drop option, enable easy creation of professional UI to make apps responsive and efficient. 

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