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April 17, 2024

Digital Trust | Drupal as Digital Public Good

Digital Trust | Drupal as Digital Public Good
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Have you ever had that client call where everything just clicks? Ideas fly back and forth, the branding vision aligns perfectly, and like you're finishing each other's sentences.

You've explored various technologies and services to craft the perfect solution. Then, the client casually mentions, "Let's do it all in Drupal." A wave of relief washes over you (and maybe even a high five!), because you know Drupal is perfect for building platforms that not just resonate with big enterprises and business goals but benefit everyone.

This scenario resonates with us at QED42 because, let's face it, we love Drupal! But what makes it so unique?

Drupal isn't just a regular content management system (CMS). It's a powerful tool built on the idea of open-source collaboration, which encourages trust and innovation.

And recently, Drupal achieved recognition as a Digital Public Good (DPG)! This means it aligns with principles of openness as it always has and continues to enable digital sovereignty and cultivate trust in technology through openness, direct involvement, and preserving entities’ autonomy, contributing to a more equitable digital world.

Understanding Digital Public Goods

Before we understand why Drupal is our platform of choice, let's explore the concept of Digital Public Goods (DPGs).

Digital Public Goods are a powerful way to benefit the public, emerging as valuable resources that come in various forms such as open-source software, freely accessible datasets, and educational materials.

The key aspect of DPGs is their openness - which means that anyone can access, use, and even improve them. This fosters collaboration and innovation, leading to efficient solutions for common challenges. By enabling users to contribute, innovate, and create freely, DPGs promote direct involvement, and ultimately, digital sovereignty. Individuals and organizations have more control over their digital experiences.

Built on core principles of collaboration and transparency DPGs contribute to achieving a sustainable digital future. This fosters something important in today's digital world — trust.

As the World Economic Forum defines it, digital trust is the belief that technology will act in the best interests of everyone. Studies show that 72% of global consumers value a company's transparency, which helps to trust them and enables their purchasing decisions.

With Drupal as your preferred DPG platform as a business, you have the opportunity to contribute to a more secure, trusted, and sustainable digital future. You're not just building a website, you're shaping a world where technology acts in the best interests of everyone.

Why choose Drupal as your CMS?

When it comes to choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) for your enterprise, there's a lot to consider. At QED42, our experience has taught us the value of Drupal, and it's not just because it's open source. There are a whole lot of other reasons why Drupal stands out, making it our top pick for dynamic and innovative projects geared toward large enterprises.

Legacy platforms often struggle to keep up with the demand for growth and innovation. However, Drupal's modular and flexible architecture enables development teams to quickly and efficiently build and refine complex functionalities.

This modularity also means that integrating pre-built extensions is easier, catering to a wide range of large enterprise needs. just for example, Drupal can seamlessly incorporate tools like Etherpad for real-time collaboration, enabling teams spread across the globe to collaborate on documents simultaneously.

Apart from being agile and modular then there is also the case of the three S:

  1. Security — With a dedicated security team constantly monitoring and patching vulnerabilities. This ensures that digital platforms remain secure against potential threats.
  2. Stability — Drupal's well-established codebase and thorough testing processes contribute to its stability. Updates and new features are rigorously tested to minimize the risk of bugs or compatibility issues, providing a stable environment for large websites
  3. Scalability — Drupal is designed to scale effortlessly as the business grows, this CMS can handle the increased demand without compromising performance.

All this technical advantage, and then there's the crucial element of trust through openness and being a digital public good.

Drupal's commitment to open-source principles goes beyond software development — it fosters trust and transparency in the digital ecosystem. Embracing an open-source framework invites collaboration and innovation from a diverse global community of developers.

This collective effort leads to robust solutions that remain adaptable to the evolving needs of large enterprises.

Drupal's openness extends beyond technical capabilities—it's about building trust. By making its code freely accessible, Drupal enables stakeholders, business owners, and users to understand their platform's inner workings. This transparency instills confidence in its reliability and security, essential for long-term success.

Drupal's status as a Digital Public Good (DPG) underscores its commitment to transparency and accountability. As a DPG, Drupal's source code is open to public scrutiny, allowing organizations to assess its security and functionality. This transparency contributes to the platform's long-term viability.

Final thoughts

Building digital trust in your platform and business isn't an overnight task, it begins with you. From the selection of the right CMS to how you operate your business and the ecosystem surrounding your brand, every aspect matters, and choosing Drupal is a key step in fostering the trust you seek among today's users.

Now for a TL;DR

So, we have established quite a few things about Drupal and why it's perfect! Building with Drupal or having Drupal as the backbone of your digital platform is like having a window into digital excellence. Drupal’s inner workings are designed for transparency, building trust by letting everyone see that their data is safe and secure.

In the meantime, while users manage content easily with Drupal's user-friendly interface and powerful features, developers get to flex their creative muscles, building custom solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

The perks of being a Digital Public Good — with Drupal, there are no pesky licensing fees, saving businesses money right off the bat.

So, why choose Drupal? Because it's more than just a CMS — it's a community-driven platform that enables businesses to thrive online. It's modern, robust, transparent, secure, flexible, and supported by a friendly community that is always ready to help.

In a world where digital success is crucial. Drupal is the smart(est) choice for businesses looking to stand out and succeed online, PERIOD!

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