Why upgrade to Drupal 9/10?

Cloud-driven mobile apps

Mobile-first approach

Drupal 9/10 follows a mobile-first approach that includes many out-of-the-box responsive elements and themes. Ensuring your website implementations are responsive by design and can adapt to your user’s screen size and specifications.

Omnichannel Content Publishing

Omnichannel content publishing

Drupal 9/10's intuitive authoring tools like the WYSIWYG Editor, CKEditor, in-place editing, for content creation, workflow, and publishing help you create, manage, and deliver content across multiple touchpoints consistently.

Blazing Performance

Blazing performance

Drupal combined with JavaScript frameworks lets websites gain exceptional speed and interactivity. Drupal 9/10’s third-party integration capabilities, built-in web services, and modules overcome bottlenecks and delays to create amazing experiences quickly.

Flexible Content Mangement System

Flexible CMS

A highly scalable CMS, Drupal does more than just supporting high traffic sites. Drupal scales with your business and brand needs allowing you to evolve digitally.

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Integration with RESTful web services

Drupal 9/10 brings support for accessibility technologies through RESTful web services, unlike the earlier versions where support for web services was through add-on modules.

Legacy CMS to Drupal Migrations

Easy upgrade to future Drupal

Once you are a Drupal 8 user, it’s extremely easy for you to upgrade your website to Drupal 9/10! Our Drupal migration experts deliver you the best of Drupal 9/10’s features with an easy and hassle-free upgrade.

Our clients

Our Drupal migration services

We offer thoughtful Drupal 9/10 migrations & Drupal version upgrades services keeping your organizational and business goals in mind. Having migrated numerous SharePoint, Adobe CQ, Sitecore & custom CMS sites to Drupal, we bring over a decade of experience of working with large amounts of content, complex websites, risk mitigation to your migration project.

Drupal Migration

We have a proven track record of migrating from SharePoint, Sitecore, Adobe CQ, WordPress, AEM, custom and proprietary CMS's to Drupal. We bring our 14+ years of Migration expertise to smoothen your Drupal 9/10 migration journey and help your organisation achieve business goals. We offer complimentary feasibility and technical consultancy. Talk to us about your Migration needs.

Drupal Version Upgrades

Drupal has a long history of innovation and through its major releases cater to the ever-evolving needs of its various stakeholders. Drupal 9/10 in our opinion is the most ambitious release of Drupal in its rich history of 20+ years. If you have a Drupal 7 site, we strongly recommend migrating to Drupal 9/10 for its robust features and superior code quality. 

Data Migration

Whether you are upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9/10 or changing from your current legacy CMS, data migration is a daunting task. Leveraging all the performance, features, and scalability our experts help minimize the cost and complexity of migrating valuable content with minimum disruption.

Drupal Training

After a successful migration, our Drupal experts train your team on how to use your new Drupal site. Our Drupal training combines theory with hands-on experience. Enabling you to translate course theory into practical business benefits in your workplace quickly and effectively. Our Drupal training combines theory with hands-on experience.

Drupal Support & Maintenance

Being an open-source platform, Drupal is the most secure platform with the community continuously checking for weaknesses in the core or for vulnerabilities and its modules. We offer 24X7 support and maintenance services throughout our engagement and even beyond!

Our Drupal migration process

Drupal Migration

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