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Securing Cookie for 3rd Party Identity Management in Drupal

Best Practices to securing your cookies when you integrate 3rd Party identity management with Drupal. We are in an era where we see a lots of third party integrations being done in projects. In Drupal based projects, cookie management is done via Drupal itself to maintain session, whether it be a pure Drupal project or decoupled Drupal project,. But what when we have a scenario where user’s information is being managed by a third party service and no user information is being saved on Drupal? And when the authentication is done via some other third party services? How can we manage cookie in this case to run our site session and also keep it secure?
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Vagrant NFS Sync Problem on macOS High Sierra

Many of us have already tried to enjoy the flavor of new OS by Apple, macOS High Sierra. And doing that might have given you nightmares, if you were using vagrant based project. If anyone is facing missing files or file changes not getting detected issue inside Vagrant, this might be because of compatibility issues with Apple’s latest APFS (apple file system) and Vagrant’s synced folder type: nfs.
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REST API Explorations in Drupal 8 - Primer

REST API Primer in Drupal 8! How to get started? Whats in core, important contributed modules and gotchas! Drupal & RESTful 101. This article assumes you are familiar with what RESTful is & what do we mean when we use the term REST API. Some of you might have already worked with RESTful Web Services module in D7, it exposes all entity types as web services using REST architecture. Drupal 8 out of the box is RESTful with core support. All entities (provided by core + ones created using Entity API) are RESTful resources.

Implementing #autocomplete in Drupal 8 with Custom Callbacks

A Step by Step guide to Implementing #autocomplete in Drupal 8 with Custom Callbacks. Autocomplete on textfields like tags / user & node reference helps improve the UX and interactivity for your site visitors, In this blog post I'd like to cover how to implement autocomplete functionality in Drupal 8, including implementing a custom callback