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4 MIN READ // Jun 29, 2020
Zephyr is an integrated plugin which provides the test management capabilities for projects in JIRA. Let's discover Zephyr for JIRA (cloud version) as a test management tool.
12 MINS // Sep 22, 2020
SEO services are usually expensive and hard to find since they require a considerable time and technical expertise. A handful of SEO factors can be automated with the right tools…
2 MIN READ // Sep 2, 2020
Many factors contribute to the automation script execution performance. One of the most notorious ones is the ‘hard waits’ in step definitions. In this article, we will explore a…
4 MIN READ // Jul 1, 2020
In our previous post (Zephyr for JIRA: Basics), we discussed how to integrate Zephyr with JIRA and how to use it for test management. In this blog, we will explore some of the…
5 MIN READ // Jun 11, 2020
To deliver flawless user experience an e-commerce site demands numerous functional and the end to end tests. Automating this is difficult. Explore how we implemented Cypress for…
2 MIN READ // Jun 4, 2020
It is always a challenging part to decide which type of testing is to be done at the end of a sprint or at the end of a project. Let's understand the right way to apply smoke,…
2 MIN READ // Feb 11, 2020
There is always a world of difference between the test environment conditions and real environmental conditions. For example, we cannot trust the efficiency of a robot, car or any…
3 MIN READ // Jan 29, 2020

Often Quality Assurance Engineers focus only on the testing responsibilities assigned to them. And that’s what our job profile is, after all.

6 MIN READ // Jan 24, 2020
Our job as Quality Assurance engineers is to test websites and applications before they are delivered, improving the user experience for a seamless experience across all platforms.
2 MIN READ // Jan 17, 2020

Before we delve deeper in the how’s and why’s let us understand what Data-Driven Analytics reports are?