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8 MIN READ // Mar 9, 2021
We recently delivered a low-code, enterprise scalable, self-service platform and CMS for a German multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company. Based on our experience, we will be describing our QA process and the best practices for Site Studio testing.
4 MIN READ // Jun 25, 2021
The goal of Sprint Zero for the development team to come together and begin the project exploration. The quality of any project is crucial and should start from the very beginning…
4 MIN READ // Jun 22, 2021
With new features being added frequently, we automated testing for one of our React based projects using Cypress. This blog post talks about how Cypress timeout helped us identify…
4 MIN READ // Jun 22, 2021
Positive testing is to check if the system is working as expected but negative testing is used to determine how the system handles the unexpected behaviour.
5 MIN READ // Jun 15, 2021
Behat is an open-source behaviour driven development framework for PHP. Behat is used to write code in easy human-readable statements for automated functional tests.
8 MIN READ // Jun 11, 2021
Accessibility is the ability to make websites usable by everyone and an accessibility audit is a combination of automated and manual testing done using assistive tools. Let's…
8 MIN READ // Apr 19, 2021
We often accept the cookies without knowing anything about them, to browse the website without any hiccups. So, let’s understand what browser cookies are and how to test them.
8 MIN READ // Jan 5, 2021
Migration testing is to ensure that your application gets migrated from one system to another without affecting the legacy data and the functionalities. While the migration is in…
6 MIN READ // Nov 17, 2020
In our previous blog post Automate SEO factors testing using Behat - Part 1, we covered SEO factors - meta tags, keyword and image optimization. Here we are going to cover the…
12 MINS // Sep 22, 2020
SEO services are usually expensive and hard to find since they require a considerable time and technical expertise. A handful of SEO factors can be automated with the right tools…