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14 MIN READ // May 13, 2020

Authentication is one of the most important functions in any application. This authentication process has to be secure enough such that data being transmitted should not be compromised.

2 MIN READ // Sep 7, 2020
When designing GraphQL schema using the build schema function, we have to specify the scalar types for each value of the query. In this post, we’ll see how to use some custom scalar types in schema design.
2 MIN READ // Aug 24, 2020
Modern web applications use a lot of animations and media ranging from images, gif, videos, to SVG’s to make user experience elegant and engaging. If not handled properly, it can hamper your website’s performance, and these things might not work in your favour. To overcome this issue of over-fetching resources, we need to handle the media on our website more sincerely and display them only when necessary, the jargon for which is lazy loading.
3 MIN READ // May 22, 2020
In this article, we will learn how to decouple Drupal Commerce with Gatsby to build an e-commerce site that includes product detail pages, product listing pages, and much more. 
3 MIN READ // May 14, 2020
Context API combined with Hooks helps us with managing state in multiple components that are not directly connected in a component tree. But, without diving straight into the definition of what Context API is, let’s try to visualize our problem first.
5 MIN READ // May 12, 2020
A secure, performance-based digital health mobile platform​ that comes along with a health status indicator, mapped hotspots, statewide statistics, helpline numbers, and lockdown hacks for physical and mental wellbeing.
2 MIN READ // May 12, 2020
Incremental build functionality is now a part of the Gatsby core. Let's understand why the Gatsby incremental build is required for self-hosted environments and how to implement it.
6 MIN READ // Apr 30, 2020
Gatsby uses different kinds of plugins to pull data from different data sources. We will focus on what are the different ways of querying data, and what kind of data needs to be queried where.
6 MIN READ // Apr 28, 2020
Learn how to build an endless React Native process that runs even if the app is killed, suspended, active in the foreground, or when the phone is restarted.
7 MIN READ // Apr 23, 2020
This blog post is aimed at users who may find themselves struggling to add the user authentication functionality to a Gatsby site.