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8 Minutes // Jun 24, 2020
As touch becomes restricted, it's important to consider how to make a website or an application more noticeable, promote business and engage the right users on the screen through colors. Colors create an overall harmony and set a recognisable powerful language for a brand. Colors are a right way to generate emotions in design. The understanding of color theory can be a challenge, but when used in the right context, colors can convey enhanced meaning and add value to web products.
7 Minutes // Jul 13, 2020
Design plays the basic and the most important role to influence conversion. The design includes — looks, aesthetics, typography and the first impression of a website but it also includes usability, user engagement, clear navigation flow, marketing goals, research, design trend reports and analytics.
4 MIN READ // Jul 6, 2020
The aim of redesigning is to create a better experience for users and improve usability. The factors that lead to the decision to redesign should be focused on increasing the user base by creating and adding new content. A redesign should shape both quantitative and qualitative design needs. The end result of a redesign should always improve the functionality by solving the existing problems.
4 Minutes // Jun 19, 2020
“Gestalt” is German for “unified whole”. A clear understanding of these principles helps determine the effective visual elements which influence perception, direct attention toward the focused elements and cause perception change in consumers. Gestalt principles are particularly helpful when it comes to goal-oriented, problem solving and intuitive user interface design.
5 MIN READ // Jun 17, 2020
Designing with color schemes based on varying color values helps to create a balanced color palette and creating color stories based on color temperature is a way of evoking feelings which are more tactile than visual. Understanding different kind of colors is crucial to effective composition in interface design and having a rational understanding of color creates a color story that speaks for itself.
3 min // Jun 2, 2020
Anything that creates actionable insights for the rest of the project to follow should take the lead. Creation, criticism, and inquiry are all integral parts of the Design Process and Design Research are really doing evidence-based design. The key strategy of research is to collaborate with the stakeholders and systematically bring in all research together to address common solutions.
8 MIN READ // Apr 23, 2020
The Design Process is designing with a systematic approach empowered with ideas. Deep understanding of the seven stages of the Design Process empowers to find solutions to most complex problems helping the designers as those who coordinate with the design teams. 
// Apr 14, 2020
Design Research is a process that inculcates sense into a project. It is a fundamental part of solving relevant problems. The research revolves around users and understanding the needs of people and how the products or services we develop will help them.
6 MIN READ // Mar 17, 2020
Why would you want to make something that some people can’t use? Digital accessibility is the ability of a website, mobile application or any electronic document to be easily perceived, understood, navigate by a wide range of users, including users with disabilities.
4 MIN READ // Feb 5, 2020

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