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Pune Drupal Group Meetup - May 2019

QED42 has always been an ardent participant in the Drupal community. We pride ourselves for contributing to the Drupal community via modules, code patches, Drupal initiatives, DrupalCons, DrupalCamps or hosting Meetups!

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Pune Drupal Meetup - January 2019

Last month, Pune Drupal community conducted a Global Training Day event. It was a successful event and saw huge participation from Pune Drupal community.

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Pune Drupal Group Meetup, April 2016

A brief about the discussions during the monthly Pune Drupal Group Meetup.
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Pune Drupal Meetup - March 2016

The monthly Pune Drupal Meetup for March was hosted by Rotary International and in addition to intro talk on Drupal at Rotary there was a session on," Services and dependency injections in Drupal 8" by Sushil Hanwate, Read more.