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QED42 has been a Drupal solution provider & technology partner to its clients for the past 11 years. During this time we have delivered over 150 projects for brands like Nestle, ILAO, Grofers, HP, Stanford University, and many more with the help of our stellar team that toils for best practices. We are also preferred strategic partners of Acquia in India, delivering over 60 projects together. Being one of the oldest & exclusive Drupal Company from India we take pride in delivering some of the flagship Drupal projects that have challenged the boundaries of what's possible with Drupal.

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Our Services

Drupal Development

In the last 11 years we have seen Drupal grow, from being a choice Content Management System for SMB / media sites to preferred digital experience platform for enterprises.  A tool for rapid development (it still is) to a foundation for long term Digital Transformation. We have been an active witness to Drupal’s incredible journey. Since our inception we have worked on projects of varied sizes and belonging to every industry. Projects that started small, to mega migrations, from proprietary CMS to Drupal. Our  Drupal experts help client’s chalk out their digital journey by providing stellar consulting services.

QED42’s value proposition is to bring Drupal expertise to the table through our service offerings and strategic partnerships.

Drupal Migration

Drupal Migration

QED42’s first migration project in 2011 involved migrating a complex custom ASP.NET portal to Drupal. In the course of 10 years we have migrated Sharepoint, Adobe CQ, Sitecore sites & custom CMS sites to Drupal. We also upgraded sites from older Drupal versions to latest version of Drupal. We offer a free architecture / code audit of the project for us to establish baseline and confidence in the migration project.. We heavily rely on Drupal Migrate Framework for our migration projects. 

Decoupled Drupal

Decoupled Drupal

One of the upcoming use cases for Drupal is for it to be used as a content hub and a content provider for digital experiences like Alexa, Kiosks, chatbots, modern JavaScript frameworks, etc. Our JS application development practice enables us to deliver delightful Decoupled Drupal experiences for enterprises and startups alike.

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staff augmentation
Drupal staff augmentation (Hybrid teams)

Drupal staff augmentation (Hybrid teams)

Facing an aggressive delivery timeline or looking to bridge the skills gap in your existing Drupal team? Our Drupal staff Augmentation service gives the required boost to your existing Drupal team. Our delivery team adopt strict best practice guidelines, that allow us to seamlessly integrate with teams. As Drupal partners to our clients we have gained rich experience working in geographically distributed hybrid teams. Our contracting terms are transparent and flexible for both short term and long term propositions. 

Drupal Support and Maintenance

Drupal Support and Maintenance

Drupal regularly releases security and performance patches for Drupal core and contributed modules. Our support services help our clients stay up-to-date & secure amidst these continuous updates. We offer Drupal Application Support services to various Cloud providers like Acquia Cloud, Pantheon or Custom AWS infrastructure. Our support packages are designed to factor in size and complexity of the Drupal application, so that you get the maximum out of your support budget.

Drupal training

Drupal training

Our Drupal training combines theory with hands-on experience. Enabling customers to translate course theory into practical business benefits in their workplace quickly and effectively. The activities are picked from live projects & white-labeled into practice materials, giving the attendees experience around actual scenarios they may need to tackle. We offer Drupal 8 corporate training as well as free/open-source community training around React & Drupal.

Drupal Proof of Concepts

Drupal Proof of Concepts

We have perfected the art of building rapid and valuable Proof of Concepts, helping you to assess design and development choices before full-scale implementation. We also utilize the innate strength of Drupal to integrate with third-party applications and systems of varied verticals and industries.

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Our Development
Processes / Approach

Every project is unique, but they all start with communication. We begin by asking the right questions, define the project, set realistic goals and determine the metrics for success. 

We follow Agile Scrum methodologies & Development best practices for a quality and timely delivery. To keep things up to date and communication smooth, we integrate below tools in the lifecycle of the project and its diligent use as important KRA for our delivery teams.

Project Management




Documentation & Meeting Notes


Development Tools

Development Tools

Reshape your business with our Drupal Development Services.

We: Build enterprise-scale websites and applications | Migrate | Integrate with legacy systems | Deliver.


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