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September 29, 2021
January 12, 2021

DXPs - Rethinking the Digital Experience

DXPs - Rethinking the Digital Experience
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Brands need to provide content experiences outside a website, justifying the shift from web content management to DXPs. Digital Experience Platform's empower brands to craft individualized experiences in real-time, delivering this consistent experience anywhere, each time!

What is a DXP?

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an integrated software framework for servicing and engaging various segments of global audiences, across a broad array of digital touchpoints, through the entire service/product or individuals’ lifecycle.

Digital Experience Platform

DXPs are preferred by brands today because they allow organizations to control the technology (and hence the experience) from a lifecycle/touchpoints perspective. Brands can build, deploy and continually improve (CI/CD) various digital assets like websites, portals, mobile apps, other digital experiences, and at the same time control the entire ecosystem centrally. This means more power to the brand by being closer to the customers and in control of all touchpoints.

Summarizing. DXPs provide unprecedented power to brands over their customers and prospects by:

  1. Allowing multiple integrated technologies to work together in tandem to service a wide span of customer touchpoints.
  2. Providing a unique vantage point and control by one central platform to see, learn, tweak, add and evolve this advanced digital experience.

Evolution of DXP

All the digital systems - CMS, WEM, and DXP are all intended to enable a superior experience and interaction between a brand and its consumer. However, their evolution tells us the story in steps. 

Digital Experience Platform

Benefits of DXPs

For Brands -

  1. Control over all touchpoints
  2. Consistency over all channels 
  3. Open architecture for CI / CD
  4. Power of all Digital Assets in one
  5. Campaigns - Connected with business

For Consumers -

  1. Useful insights - actionable and comprehensive
  2. Customer orientation - adapt to customers 
  3. Best of technology - in sync with users’ devices 
  4. Everything, anywhere - integrated into 1
  5. Reduced customer effort and increased satisfaction

Building an ecosystem

DXPs control and coordinate various applications. From a utility perspective, DXPs operate as a set of integrated services offering: User experience, platform and architecture.

Digital Experience Platform

User Experience

DXPs provide the users and creators with a superior experience for usage and creation. Be it navigation through the apps on the front-end or parsing through information on the back end. Powering an easy to use and yet the comprehensive experience is central to a DXP. they enable the following:

Personalized Interaction: Personalized access to relevant data, services, and powering applications.

Navigation: Search, Discovery, Sharing using dynamic navigation and multiple search engines/functions.

Collaboration: Seamless knowledge management and collaboration on docs, tasks, calendars and projects.

Customization: Empowering users to customize their own experiences - layouts, notifications, saved items,  subscriptions, dashboard etc.

Presentation: DXPs enable brands to craft a digital experience unique to their brand by leveraging the best UI technologies. Various tech elements clubbed with a responsive web design and a progressive web app development, enable DXPs to add richness in the look and feel.

Platform Management

DXPs allow us to create, control and improve the digital experience by tweaking or enhancing the digital ecosystem. Because of their unique architecture - users and the creator can effectively manage all components, as individual pieces and as Integrated whole. Elements of platform management include:

Content Management: efficiently control content and assets across websites, mobile apps, portals etc, in addition to creating, organizing and publishing different types of content across channels

Aggregate: Integrate various applications, aggregate data control over touchpoints, leverage third-party systems for robust services.

Optimization: Analyzing the journey leveraging various integrated components, visualize for actionable decision making, optimizing the experience, and Learning forever!.

Workflow/Process Management: create, adapt, and tweak processes for greater control and rendering right services at the right time - impacting better control over daily work. 

eCommerce: DXPs can create your entire Commerce platform and service it, or it could simply integrate as well to manage transactions, logistics, payments and wallets. 

Glocalization: Translation and localization made easy, automatic application and learning, ability to shape preferences! 

Omni-channel publishing: Attending to the customer on all channels, by publishing synchronous content/data using consistent design, thereby reducing confusion and effort at the customer end, and reducing publishing efforts at the support end. 


DXPs unique architecture allows having a central technical foundation upon which the numerous components are built. Building on DXP / Connecting components with DXP - allows the business to control and enable and draw a smooth path where a user can shift from one component to another for a seamless experience. Components include

Third-party integrations

Customer Data Management: Talk about CDP / GDPR - DXPs allows collection, unification and synchronization of customer data from all components (digital and analogue channels) to improve customer experiences.

Cloud Enablement: DXP services efficiently run in a cloud-based environment, at a platform level with multi-tenancy, and all third-party infrastructure service providers allow that!

Mobility: build mobile applications,  notification, mobile SDK, voice interaction, and under the sun that your brands desire with mobility 

Security Administration: impeccable security provided by controlling the data flow centrally throughout the ecosystem 

Some platforms that enable us to deliver Digital Experience Platforms are:

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