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June 8, 2023
October 28, 2022

Improve your Editorial Experience with CKEditor 5

Improve your Editorial Experience with CKEditor 5
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With businesses focusing on delivering personalized digital experiences, content becomes a key factor. Content marketing is a crucial aspect to establish a brand presence. Businesses can engage meaningfully with their audience with compelling, unique, and visually attractive content.

Businesses require the capability to publish powerful content faster, on a large scale, and at reduced costs. One way of making this possible is by enhancing their editorial experience. How can you enhance your editorial experience?

Drupal, one of the most popular open-source CMSs in the market, continues to evolve to deliver the best editorial experiences for its customers. Starting from building Drupal pages on nodes to modules, page layouts, paragraphs, and Layout Builder, Drupal has come a long way in empowering content editors.

Drupal 10 is all set to release in December 2022, and with it comes a modern, and versatile WYSIWYG editor, the CKEditor 5. What are the exciting features of CKEditor 5? How does it enhance the editorial experience? 

CKEditor 5 – Collaborative editing features

CKEditor 5 will be the default editor in Drupal 10. The new version was completely rewritten from scratch and took almost two years to complete. CKEditor 5 eliminates all the older code issues that were present in CKEditor 4. CKEditor 5 seamlessly integrates with Drupal 10 and guarantees the best editorial experience for developers and users. 

The CKEditor 5 architecture is designed to encourage collaboration and empower multiple authors to work asynchronously on the same rich-text document. Drupal 10 users can take advantage of the core editor features and the new premium features (which need to be purchased additionally) to boost their content editing experiences.

Improve Editorial Experience with CKEditor 5 - Premium

Consider the premium features available in CKEditor.

Track Changes

Edit content in suggestion mode. Users can accept, edit, or reject the suggestions. 

Improve Editorial Experience with CKEditor 5 - Track Changes


Add, delete, or edit comments. Users can start discussions with comment threads. 

Improve Editorial Experience with CKEditor 5 - Comments

Revision History

Create and view document versions in a preview mode. Users can compare, rename, and restore document versions. 

Improve Editorial Experience with CKEditor 5 - Revision History

Real-time Collaboration

Combine comments and track changes features to enable real-time collaboration. Users can enable an all-around co-authoring experience. 

Import from Word

Import unlimited Word documents. Users can utilize features, such as track changes, comments, and suggestions on imported Word docs. 

Improve Editorial Experience with CKEditor 5 - Import Word

Export to PDF and Word

Export your content into portable Word and PDF formats with a single click. Users can export content in the same design as the original content.

Spell and Grammar Check

Correct grammatical and spelling mistakes. Users can use this feature while creating content or in a separate dialog to polish the writing. 

Improve Editorial Experience with CKEditor 5 - Grammar Check


View how your document is laid out for printing. Users can organize lengthy documents by viewing the number of pages. 

CKEditor 5 – Modern writing and editing

Rich text editor

CKEditor 5 comes with an ultra-modern JavaScript rich text editor. With features, such as drag-and-drop, autoformatting, tables, lists, autocomplete, and block quotes, writing and editing content becomes an effortless task.

Customized implementation

It is easy to create a customized rich text editor with CKEditor 5 using the online builder. Currently, CKEditor 5 is the only collaborative rich text editor that provides a ready-to-use solution, with a backend on both on-premises and cloud. The modular architecture of CKEditor 5 makes it easy to make any further customizations as per business requirements.

Collaborative editing

The CKEditor 5 architecture is designed for collaborative editing from the ground up. The import from Word feature means editors do not need to switch between apps to paste content. Integration to an email marketing CRM means marketers can easily report the content and get feedback without using any third-party application. Authors and editors can simultaneously work on the same document, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Scale and growth

CKEditor 5 promises better experiences, happy users, and bigger growth. The CKEditor 5 takes content editing to the next level with rich core features and premium collaborative features. Being the default editor, CKEditor 5 will grow and scale with Drupal 10 to deliver a full-fledged editorial experience to content teams. 

CKEditor 5 - Enhanced experiences

Enhanced UI & UX

CKEditor 5 comes with a well-designed UI and perfect UX for users to manage content creation and editing seamlessly. Enhanced UI and UX include intuitive image insert with automated uploading, simple linking without complex dialogs, autoformatting, a new visible toolbar while page scrolling, and easy styling with the content placed inline in the page.

Customizable & extensible

The CKEditor 5 core is open for reuse and extensions enabling developers to create customized editors with rich features. The CKEditor 5 is implemented as multiple npm packages with a separate repository for each package. It makes it easy for others to contribute and focus on each feature separately.

New data model

The CKEditor 5 comes with a much more efficient data model that is part of the MVC architecture. Defined and controlled by JavaScript, the data model provides more control over the data output and data format.


The CKEditor 5 is totally rewritten in JavaScript ES6. It provides all the necessary integration tools to connect with modern apps, such as React, Angular, Node.js, npm, etc. CKEditor 5 is a modern rich-text editor with 100% code coverage providing the best quality assurance. 

CKEditor 5 – Next level of content editing

Drupal is always in search of the best editorial experience and keeps evolving to use the latest technologies to achieve that purpose. Drupal 10 with rich features, such as the CKEditor 5, empowers organizations to deliver personalized content.

Businesses all around the world using Drupal testify to the enhanced editing experiences they enjoy. The CKEditor 5 takes content editing to the next level to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Enjoy the full benefits of CKEditor 5 by upgrading your website to Drupal 10!


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