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May 10, 2023
July 21, 2020

Decoupled Days 2020

Decoupled Days 2020
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After a very successful DrupalCon last week, we are now gearing up for the Decoupled Days 2020 | July 22nd - 23rd. Initially, to be held in New York City, Decoupled Days will now be conducted online. We at QED42 are not only excited for the tech content Decoupled Days will feature but also that 2 of our team members will be speaking at the conference.

Decoupled Days is a premier conference that revolves around the future of content management systems and their architectures. In its fourth chapter, Decoupled Days lines up excellent content for Architects, Developers, and business decision-makers looking to build Decoupled CMS Platforms.

Decoupled architectures have been stirring the digital experiences by segregating the frontend and backend of an application. With a CMS as a content service for other non-CMS applications, whether they are in native desktop or mobile, universal JavaScript, set-top boxes, IoT devices, conversational interfaces, or other technologies.

Here are the amazing tracks lined up this year at Decoupled Days:

  • Traditional CMS - will cover the use of Drupal and WordPress as a content service and the range of architectures in decoupled Drupal and headless WordPress.
  • Headless CMS - will cover decoupled and headless CMS including web services (e.g. GraphQL), proprietary headless CMS (Contentful, Prismic, GraphCMS), and other decoupled or headless CMS. architectures.technologies.
  • JavaScript and JAMstack - will cover modern JavaScript and its use in decoupled CMS architectures.
  • People and Community - will cover the personal and community dimensions of decoupled CMS, including issues of inclusion, accessibility, and mental health.
  • Business and CXO - will cover decoupled CMS in the business, consultancy, and client landscape.  

QED42 Sessions at Decoupled Days

Check out these sessions from Anand Toshniwal and Abhay Kumar

Decoupled Days 2020

Traditionally Drupal commerce has been an exceptional CMS for serving e-commerce websites. However, it falls short at matching the modern commerce sites when it comes to performance and User Experience. Gatsby can be leveraged to solve both these problems by rendering blazing fast static data, yet support commerce functions via direct API calls. In this session, we will share our experience around building a marketplace e-commerce site powered by Drupal commerce at its back-end and Gatsby as the front-end.

Decoupled Days 2020

We will have a glimpse of how GraphQL along with NodeJs and MongoDB enables us to reduce the response time of the REST APIs. I will explain the basics of GraphQL and NodeJs and why is GraphQL so relevant in the REST world. The attendees must have at least a basic understanding of REST API development and NodeJs. From this talk, the attendees will learn how to leverage GraphQL with NodeJS for developing performant APIs.

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