Enabled a Fortune 200 org. to launch 2000+ websites via a decoupled DXP




Delivered a low-code, enterprise scalable, self-service platform for a Fortune 200 Life Science Company
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Project Overview

Our client is a multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company. They required a single platform (effortless & scalable) to build and host 2000+ sites using predefined master templates, with the flexibility for each site to be styled differently w.r.t the brand design guidelines.

We partnered with Acquia to build a multi-site & multi-lingual platform using Acquia Cloud Site Factory and Acquia Site Studio (previously known as Cohesion) to provide flexibility to site owners and brands to create unique sites independently.


Client Requirements

  • Replatform numerous sites, operating in multiple markets and languages, all with their own visual identities to a single platform

  • With multiple brands within its portfolio, the client wanted to create a centralized online platform for both consumers, caregivers, and healthcare providers, while also making it easier for consumers to find specialty pharmacies and local care centres

  • Decoupled components - to provide flexibility on a country/market level for functional enhancements of websites

  • The challenge lied in the complexity of the web state. Over 2000+ brands with distinct visual identities, multiplied by the number of markets and the languages that needed to be supported

Multi-site rollouts using component based architecture diagram
We applied self-learning approaches empowering markets to frequently engage with new content through an easy to use self-service website management platform.

Our Goals

  • Ensure enterprise readiness in a cost-efficient and effective way by utilizing the leading open-source CMS, Drupal

  • Utilize an innovative self-service, low-code and highly re-usable approach to accelerate the go-to-market and reduce development and maintenance costs

  • Deploy a master design system, ensuring a consistent user experience across all site assets while enabling modular content strategy & personalisation, customer journey management and marketing automation

  • Integrate the platform into the ecosystem e.g. Content Factory, content management, customer identity management, and so forth to ensure patient safety, regulatory compliance and reputation

  • Deliver content relevance, findability, mobile-first, managed digital ecosystems, and more

  • Align market needs with global brand master developments


Our Role

We collaborated with our partner - Acquia, for building a scalable, low code, self-service IT solution.

  • Manage and govern website strategy

  • Deliver sophisticated customer experience

  • Build a design system to ensure an amazing user experience

  • Integrating websites into the IMCM ecosystem

  • Implement analytics to enable personalization, marketing automation and customer journey management

Our Solution

Scalable, low code, self-service IT solution for the complete life-cycle of the websites, with the highest automation levels enabling the client to achieve cross-divisional business goals.

The platform was built on a Drupal 8 architecture hosted on Acquia Cloud Site Factory (ACSF) with decoupled components (Acquia Site Studio). These components helped deliver applications and interactive components tailored to the clients specific business needs. The platform enabled the client to build pages and sites using Acquia site studio components and a brand style guide.

Acquia Site studio architecture diagram

Design system

  • We created a global design system fit for a pharmaceutical giant. A single powerful platform, running all brands.

  • The Design System defines the implementation of features & components that are ready to be used for any website.

  • We created a configurable un-branded core set of patterns to provide the whole range of brand and content needs. Giving marketers the power to update their instances, using a drag and drop editing experience.

Decoupled components

  • The decoupled components are available as Site Studio components on the websites

  • Their role is to reduce overall complexity and dependency in applications and make it easier to maintain code and make changes

  • The decoupled components allow each component to perform its tasks independently - it allows components to remain completely autonomous and unaware of each other. A change in one service doesn’t require a change in the other services


  • We implemented a decentralized operating model to maximize speed.

  • The IT architecture was a one-stop-shop of all the required systems and for all agencies to operate under.

  • We developed a self-service ecosystem, that enabled client’s divisions, brands, and countries to operate independently.

Multi-site platform

  • We built a scalable, low code solution for managing websites while enabling design flexibility.

  • The platform has a visually appealing UI, with a simple interface.

  • It is mobile-friendly and provides easy and secure access to external and internal teams.

Other Implementations

  • Performance optimization with Acquia Varnish integration for caching and AKAMAI CDN for improved site performance.

  • Integrated web forms with Salesforce CRM.

  • Third-party authentication.

  • Access management for access and content preferences.

  • Features - articles, events, landing pages, quiz, and more.

Empowered brand agencies to design with confidence, with accessibility markup and UX best practices baked into every one of the components built in the design system.

Business Benefits

  • Enabled the client to create several sites with flexible components and design system.

  • Improved workflow and easier content updates for the brand site.

  • Provided the ability to drive endless brands from a single set of rules.

  • Empowered brand agencies to design with confidence, with accessibility markup and UX best practices baked into every one of the components built in the design system.

We leveraged Acquia Site Factory & Acquia Site Studio for delivering a performant, cost-effective, highly secure & scalable platform.

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