Current state of digital accessibility

Taking care of the specially-abled is becoming a benchmark of sorts in the tech industry. Many industries show trends of improvement, however, several digital experiences still have accessibility gaps that prevent people with disabilities from completing functions or access information.


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of world's population has cognitive impairment


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Powering digital inclusion

QED42 is committed to delivering experiences that are accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of their ability or the tech they use.  Our team has extensive experience in web accessibility, including desktop, mobile, document, multimedia and overall digital accessibility. Our team undergoes accessibility training appropriate to their role: high-level, foundational training for non-developers, and advanced, practical training for developers. We are also active participants in accessibility events.

Accessibility services we provide

Accesibility Consulting

Accessibility Consulting Services

We believe that accessibility needs to be considered right from the beginning and not be an afterthought. Our comprehensive range of accessibility consulting services addresses your businesses accessibility requirements with our accessibility-first approach and builds accessibility features into your products and services. We perform a thorough accessibility audit and help you mitigate risks by complying with Section 508, ADA and conforming to WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1 standards. 

Accessibility Audit

Accessibility Audit

Our accessibility audits begin with determining the scope of the audit, which includes reviewing your sitemap, traffic statistics, page templates and content types. We then test your site against WCAG 2.1 Level AA or Section 208 standards through a combination of automated and manual accessibility testing. The result of our accessibility audit is a report that describes the issues found, the violated guidelines, a list of remedial actions, and levels of priority to address them which is determined by their impact and severity. Our accessibility audits also reveal inaccessible practices in your content and editorial workflows. 

Accessibility Remediation

Accessibility Remediation

Based on the issues identified in the accessibility audit we remediate your digital experience. Accessibility remediation is the most crucial part of making your experiences accessible. We offer dedicated or spot-check accessibility experts who work alongside your development team to make sure they are learning and implementing effective accessibility fixes. We offer documentation and media remediation, video captioning, audio transcripts, and more. We also provide training in all aspects of accessibility remediation to help prevent future accessibility issues. 

Accessibility Design

Accessibility Design Review

Designs should be reviewed for accessibility best practices before beginning development. Accessibility design review includes wireframes, mockups, style guides and all design-related assets. While our designs follow all the accessibility guidelines, we also offer accessibility design review services for our client’s designs. This includes identifying problematic designs, interaction patterns, functionalities, best practices for developers, determining the best markup for easy navigation and more.  

Pattern Labs

Accessibility Development

At QED42, accessibility is baked into the digital experiences we deliver. 
Our team of developers deliver fully accessible frontends and also assist clients with redesigning and revamping their existing applications to adhere to accessibility compliances. Our frontend team leverages tools such as Pattern Libraries, ARIA (Accessibility Rich Internet Applications) toolkit, A11y.js, and test automation for crafting accessible digital experiences. 

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