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December 22, 2021
October 22, 2021

Digital experience platforms - designed for digital transformation

Digital experience platforms - designed for digital transformation
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Customers are the revenue drivers for any business; if there are no customers, the services and products churned out are of no use. The world is evolving fast, and businesses need new ways to fill up with these emerging changes while keeping in check with their clientele's needs. Thus, any business needs to connect with their customers on all possible levels and ensure that they're satisfied, and here come Digital Experience Platforms.

What is a DXP?

DXP or Digital Experience Platform is integrated software. This centralized foundation will help a company escalate its customer experiences while making its online presence more engaging by simultaneously connecting to all relevant digital platforms. It also helps them cater to their customers better and boost customer satisfaction. 

DXP is changing everything and gathering the attention of all businesses as its main focus is customer experience and customers are the key to the longevity of any business. So businesses have to be more customer-oriented to sustain their businesses and to make them thrive.

Every online business has its presence on various online platforms, and the connection between different platforms should be seamless. To achieve this, businesses have to create exceptional omnichannel customer experiences. Omnichannel customer experience allows your customers the benefit to get all their history with your brand in one place; it connects all touchpoints over all channels of a particular customer. It creates a hassle-free environment for a customer and gives a business a lot of important insights about the customers and their browsing pattern, change in taste, or behavior.

Furthermore, there's also a digital transformation process that is used to upgrade your existing online business, its customer experience, business model, culture, domain, everything using different technologies to reconceptualize the already existing business. DXP plays an important role here; it helps you keep up with the changing digital market while improving your business and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Why is digital experience important for companies?

A large chunk of today’s market consists of e-commerce; every business is looking for opportunities to expand its reach and incorporate new customers. Taking any business online provides you with an endless customer base; it gives you global customers 24/7. Since the business is online, it uses different platforms to reach its customers, like websites or social media, and the customer must receive the best experience to visit/purchase again; thus, digital experience plays an important role for companies.

DCX or digital customer experience is another integral part of any online business, and these are the customer touchpoints while interacting with a business. It includes things that frame a customer's perspective towards the business. It includes browsing history, most visited products, inquiries, etc.

Key needs for any business include

Remaining competitive in the market: If your digital experience evolves with time and incorporates the market changes, your business is sure to remain in the competition.

Retention of customers: If you provide your customers with quality digital experiences and satisfy their needs, customers will stay loyal.

Earning profit: If the business' digital experience is good and has been evolving with satisfied clientele, the business is bound to earn profit.

Why is it important to stay updated?

Everything in a business revolves around what you're providing to your consumers. As the customers change, the market also changes, and if a business wants to thrive and stand out, it must be aware of all new changes, technologies, and upgrades. It also creates a positive image for your brand; if you regularly update your online content and designs, the customers will be more likely to rely on the information, building trust.

Keeping everything updated is also necessary for checking that every function on your online domain is working efficiently and smoothly, free of any bugs that may hamper a customer’s digital experience.

DXP and how it helps

As mentioned above, DXP or digital experience platform is integrated software containing all the necessary technologies that will help the user embrace its digital transformation and deliver contextualized digital experience and the eventual motive to satisfy the customers.

DXP is tailored in a way to match the hyper-competitive changing market. It helps the user adapt to these market changes quickly and efficiently because this software includes all the essentials from content, personalization, and customer data.

It helps users solve the biggest problem, i.e., customer satisfaction. It aims to better customer experience and thus tracks every customer move and all experiences; it collects all the data from across the channels and makes it available in a centralized place. It further records customer insights, feedback, and inquiries.

Open DXP and its scope

Open DXP is based on an open-source code base that is freely available. It reduces the license fee as you pay for what you use, which makes it cost-effective. It is an open architecture where you can easily update components, and it gives you that flexibility. 

It allows you to create a personalized DXP that best suits the needs of your business. It has easy-to-use tools that help the user customize digital experiences by adding/removing anything that suits them best without re-platforming.

  1. It is easier to manage as it has fewer complexities as it follows an open framework
  2. It's versatile; any customer interaction on any application or interfaces open DXP puts it in control
  3. Provides data security and stability

Different DXP's offered

AEM Adobe Experience Manager

  • It aims to help provide the best user experience helping the developers boost their client and marketing strategies. 
  • It is easy to use, create data, and store
  • Centralized data management
  • Automated creation of data groups


  • Acquia is an open-source DXP foundation that focuses on your business’s choice and helps you create your DXP in a way that caters to all your channels.
  • Simplicity in integration
  • Scalability in authority
  • Data security


"Our business is heading, focusing on the digital customer experience while being mindful of the real need for flexibility and scalability."

- Acquia

Features of DXP

The features of DXP are bifurcated into different categories :

Content management features

Content management refers to the process of producing, receiving, governing the digital content that's produced. Features under this help create media libraries, design pages using a drag and drop interface, structure content, etc.

  1. Page Builder
  2. Structured Content
  3. Digital Asset Manager
  4. Multi-site management

Digital Marketing features

This helps execute digital marketing campaigns across different channels, providing customers personalized experience on the web, email marketing, updating social media channels, etc.

  1. Personalization
  2. Search
  3. Recommendations
  4. Campaign management

Digital Commerce features

This includes payments, promotions, discounts, etc.

  1. Shopping cart and checkout process
  2. Product information management
  3. Promotion and discount
  4. Multi-store management 

Analytic Features

This includes tracking data and analyzing performances with customizable reports and real-time statistics and insights

  1. Reporting
  2. Web analytics
  3. A/B testing

The platform features

It provides a secure platform that increases performance.  

  1. Scalability and performance
  2. Security
  3. Deployment tools
  4. Extensibility and customization


A DXP tends to offer the following integrations: 

  1. Integration Bus
  2. Authentication
  3. Translation management
  4. Payment providers

Benefits of adopting DXP

DXP allows the users to keep up with the fast-growing market by providing software that can help them add or remove data without the hassle of taking up a whole new solution, and it is providing them with one integrated software for everything using all essential technologies and giving businesses the digital transformation as a whole.

  • Controlling every touchpoint: DXP provides better touchpoints; it gives the user access to all possible touchpoints across all business platforms. APIs coordinates and collects all this data from the touchpoints, even from AI chatbots.
  • Personalization information: It provides individuals with personalized information and tailor-made experience based on their credentials.
  • User-friendly- DXP is easy to use with a good user interface and with just a few clicks, you can make necessary changes. The drag and drop option is also available.
  • Headless infrastructure: DXP's architecture is smart as it is flexible. It is a microservice architect and self-contained, so back-end developers and marketers can make changes independently without affecting anything else. It provides rapid and reliable changes.
  • Omnichannel development and utilization: DXP is a collection of different technologies that scale across all channels and get various aspects like content, marketing, and data together to optimize omnichannel utilization.
  • Security: DXP provides its user will top-notch security in the collection of data across all channels
  • Cohesive digital identity: To get your brand to be reputed and recognizable, it needs to follow branding consistency, and DXP provides content and management features that help businesses maintain a cohesive digital identity across multi-channels.
  • Removes Silos for improved Efficiency: Siloed systems make any business inefficient as the free flow of information is very important, but due to digital multi-channels, often enterprises get lost and remain unchecked; thus, it's crucial to remove them, and DXP provides a wide array of integrations that help overcome this issue.


In conclusion, if you want your business to grow and explore new domains to gain more customers, DXP is the golden tool for your business's digital transformation. It provides you with a plethora of benefits just in one software that can take your business to the next level.  

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