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Web API Development

API Development

Being a leading web and app development company, we provide custom REST API services & solutions for delivering interactive and user-friendly web and mobile apps. QED42’s API-driven architectures fuel the front-end of web & mobile applications along with a powerful back-end, delivering secure, scalable, and performant apps with seamless third-party integrations. 

Progressive Web Apps

Web App Development

QED42 has been building powerful and scalable web applications that empower enterprises and startups to ride the wave of digitization, helping them scale and convert. We pride ourselves in crafting bespoke websites, web applications and tools that allow companies to automate business processes, attract customers, outperform competition and grow profitably. 

Mobile API Development

Mobile App Development

QED42 offers end to end mobile application development services that range from digital consultancy, UX design, integrations, development, to maintenance and support. Be it a consumer-oriented app, or an enterprise-class application, we collaborate with our clients from the ideation phase to the final delivery, and ongoing support. 

Hybrid Application Development


Our PWA services aim to delight your users/customers and help businesses increase conversions. Over the past 12+ years, we have successfully deployed secure and robust web applications that run faster across all platforms with minimum effort. Our PWA’s come along with features such as offline browsing, push notifications, easy distribution channels and data analysis. 

What we do

Front-end JavaScript development

At QED42, we specialise in building modern and interactive web applications using the latest frontend development technologies. We understand that a beautiful design is only half the battle. Our frontend developers focus on creating functional UIs that accurately match the design with pixel-perfect precision and delightful user interactions.

All of our projects benefit from our UI best practices playbook, which takes into account various key metrics such as performance budgets, accessibility checks, curated libraries, and a systematic way to manage large code bases.

Our Frontend tech stack includes Reactjs, React Native, Vue.js, Next.js and Gatsby.

Back-end JavaScript Development & APIs

We offer custom back-end development services for web, mobile, and cloud-based applications. Our team of experts design and build the core of your web application, ensuring – a solid architecture to accommodate growth, flexibility to integrate other third-party systems, advanced data structures for actionable insights, and cutting edge security features for your web application. While our REST API services and solutions fuel the frontend, making the web and mobile apps interactive and user-friendly. 

Content Management Systems

QED42 is ranked among the top 10 service providers of Drupal (CMS) globally. We offer a complete range of CMS development services and solutions for websites, portals, enterprise applications, and e-commerce solutions. Head to our Decoupled Drupal services page to learn about how we have Deployed Drupal as a headless CMS.

Apart from Drupal, our team also has rich experience with Headless CMS's like Strapi, Brightspot and Contentful. 

Quality Assurance and Support

Our QA team offer automated and manual quality assurance testing services, enabling clients to quickly roll out features and ensure that the application runs as expected on all browsers and screens. Our support and maintenance services ensure that the website performs flawlessly, helping clients achieve their business goals. 

Technologies and frameworks

Our go-to-market approach

Product Engineering Approach

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Web API Development

API Development

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