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We understand that changing customer dynamics, countless frameworks to work with, and legacy applications slow down an organization’s ability to change. Our JavaScript experts adopt agile processes, design-thinking, identify right frameworks to build responsive, and user-optimized apps. Success lies in devising the right strategy and finding a partner who facilitates minimum time-to-market and a cost-efficient approach.

What we offer


QED42 possesses extensive experience and skill set in delivering tailor-made applications that evolve with your business. We have over 10 years of experience offering a wide range of mobile app & website development services.  Looking to enhance an existing app, build a new one, or test your idea with an MVP? We’ve got you covered at each stage of the development life cycle. 


JavaScript App Development

We render end-to-end JavaScript application development services including interactive web apps, web portals, custom JavaScript frameworks, content management systems, custom plug-ins, and dynamic enterprise grade websites. We are experts in developing highly interactive and responsive JavaScript web applications that fulfill your business goals and requirements.

React JS

React JS

An advanced front-end JavaScript library for building rich user experiences. ReactJS unleashes endless possibilities of building modular apps faster. It facilitates cross-platform large and complex web and mobile applications development with interactive and intuitive interfaces. Lightweight code, code reusability, optimized data binding, shorter testing cycles, and faster time to market are some of the features offered by ReactJS.


React Native

Our experts leverage React Native to build cross-platform applications for iOS and Android simultaneously. A Javascript framework that composes rich mobile user interfaces with superior performance but at half the cost and in less time. Its rich set of libraries empower developers to craft real-time mobile applications.



Based on React, Gatsby is a popular static site generator that communicates with any backend effortlessly. This helps build blazing fast websites and applications. (2-3 times faster than other sites) Its rich data plugin ecosystem lets you build the sites with data you want. Gatsby.js meets the need for performant, fast to build quality websites.

Our Services

React Js

REST API Solutions

REST APIs provide a great deal of flexibility. Data is not tied to resources or methods, so REST can handle multiple types of calls, return different data formats and even change structurally with the correct implementation of hypermedia. This flexibility allows developers to build an API that meets your needs while also meeting the needs of very diverse customers. We understand and follow all the updated and stable REST API’s in the market.


Progressive web application

We ensure that your web apps are flexible for multiple devices delivering a flawless native app alike performance. PWA’s are highly reliable, fast, engaging, and deliver an amazing experience to the users. Create PWA’s that experience maximum user engagement and increased conversions with us.


Front end performance optimization

Improving website performance where it matters the most. FEO increases your revenue opportunities, encourages agility, and helps you scale - on any device, at any time. Fast loading web pages improve user experience, retain users, and ensure they return. QED42 helps you accelerate your web performance with performance audit, providing insights, and develop an optimal solution.

Frameworks and Libraries

React Js Page
React Native Js Page
Node JS
Mongo DB

Workshops and Trainings

Additionally, we also offer custom training, technical workshops, and host local JavaScript meetups. Our developers and trainers have extensive experience in developing complex and innovative JavaScript web solutions. 

50 + Sessions
4 + Workshops



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Long term
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Build infinitely scalable applications.

Transform your ideas into delightful, feature-rich mobile apps with us.


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