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Building DRL Nerivio, a migraine therapy band for the German market

Building DRL Nerivio, a migraine therapy band for the German market


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Germany and India

DRL Nerivio


Building a consistent brand experience with a design system-based Drupal website for the healthcare industry


Drupal Development

Design System

Performance optimization

Project Nerivio is a product brand by Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (DRL). It features a clinically tested neuromodulation band designed for drug-free migraine therapy.

DRL wanted to ensure that Nerivio's digital presence complies with healthcare regulatory standards. We collaborated with DRL to develop a dedicated Drupal site for Nerivio tailored to the German market. This also helped introduce Nerivio to local audiences.

The primary goal of the website was to ensure smooth content operations, efficient functionality, and an intuitive user experience.

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The challenges

The primary focus of the site development was to enable easy content updates and streamline workflows. DRL also expressed the need to improve site access and control for healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Overall, they needed an intuitive, modern CMS that seamlessly integrates with third-party tools and scalability solutions. To improve communication with users, it was also important to maintain consistency with existing design elements and ensure a positive user experience.

The approach

Through our initial discussions with stakeholders, we gained a clear understanding of the essential brand elements. We prioritized features based on user needs and the information they would like to see when they land on the site. 

These insights, combined with our research, guided website architecture and a unified design system that closely aligned with the healthcare’s strategic objectives.  We involved stakeholders at every stage, integrating feedback for systematic project improvement.

Nerivio design mockups
Nerivio online platform

The solution

Component-based architecture

Our team utilized Space DXP to develop a modular, component-based system, ensuring that each element functions independently. These components also work together seamlessly within the system.

 This implementation allows for the components to be updated or replaced independently, providing flexibility to adapt to changing needs or technological advancements.

Drupal Development

We prioritized clear communication through a sprint-based approach, showcasing progress at the end of each sprint via demos to maintain stakeholder alignment. Consistent generic styling was applied to all HTML elements, complemented by CKEditor style classes for seamless style application with editors.

Streamlined content creation takes center stage with Drupal's CMS. A flexible role system allows editors, publishers, and administrators to manage updates, uploads, and content with efficiency.

Through real-time collaboration and robust media management, DRL teams could now seamlessly add rich media content, significantly improving user engagement and information distribution.

Drupal development for Nerivio
Drupal development for Nerivio

Design System

The design system was built using Storybook to integrate UI patterns, improve navigation and ensure consistent branding. 

Our approach involved thorough exploration to align with existing component libraries and DRL’s brand identity. 

Collaboration with DRL teams confirmed the feasibility of the components, ensuring - usability, accessibility, consistency, responsiveness, and functionality. This process helped to establish a practical, effective, and sustainable design system for its intended use. 


DocCheck module for secure user authentication, particularly for healthcare professionals.

Sendgrid API helped to facilitate efficient email communication with users.

Simple News module was added to manage newsletter subscriptions effectively.

The Mail Safety module ensures secure email testing and debugging.

Google Tags and Simple XML Sitemap improved website performance and SEO.

Pre-registration forms improved user engagement and facilitated data collection.

The outcome

The Nerivio site for the German market provides essential product information and supports an effective content management system for the migraine therapy band. 

This digital solution for healthcare products established a secure, user-focused platform that consolidates DRL Nerivio’s online presence, enabling their teams to have full control of the site and improving Nerivio’s digital presence.

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