Why test performance?

Performance testing is absolutely critical for flawless operation and user satisfaction. Measuring, validating, and verifying the operational capabilities guarantees reliability, responsiveness and consistent performance of your business-critical applications. Our quality assurance engineers have vast expertise in developing performance tests for applications, that is built around a custom robust strategy.

Benefits of performance testing

Increased flexibility and scalability

Our cloud-based test labs, that enable simulation of real-world traffic from across the globe.

Detect defects early on in your SDLC

Our performance tests are proactively integrated into the development process, detecting bottlenecks early on.

Determine how your system functions at a given load

Our load testing will show whether your system is ready to be deployed on production.

Prevents system crashes

Our performance testing services aim to identify and resolve problems that would otherwise cause a website to crash, before go-live

Mitigates scaling risks

Performance testing also mitigates the risks that come along with scaling, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of the business.

Enhance your online presence and user experience

Our end-to-end performance testing services ensure a future-proof system that is scalable, responsive and consistent, to ensure your customer’s satisfaction.

Our performance testing services

Load Testing

Our load testing service ensures the sustained performance of your website and applications even under the maximum load volume for an extended period of time. Load testing involves simulating multiple users accessing the program simultaneously. It confirms your system’s compliance with established performance expectations.

Stress Testing

Our stress testing service evaluates the reliability and resilience of your system when operating under stress load. Stress testing determines the upper limit of your system’s capacity. A stress load test goes beyond the maximum permissible limit, to determine the highest load capacity of your system or application and the limit of its endurance until it crashes.

Scalability Testing

Scalability testing checks your application performance when it is scaled up or down w.r.t number of users, network usage, number of requests processed, etc. Scalability tests are performed at the hardware, software, or database level to gauge your applications ability to respond to load changes. Our scalability testing includes all levels of load, to improve your systems overall scalability.

Volume Testing

Our volume testing service measures your software’s productivity under swelling volumes of stored and processed data. It determines the relationship between the size of the database and your system’s performance. Volume testing is essential for every application since the volume of data in any IT system increases with time, which results in slower execution of operations that involve an application querying a database.

Spike Testing

Spike testing identifies weaknesses in your application by sudden changes in load. It also monitors to see if all aspects of the system can handle sudden bursts in demand. Spike testing involves testing your application under extreme demands, either increasing or decreasing.

Endurance Testing

Another way to check your system’s performance is to perform endurance testing (also known as soak testing). Endurance testing observes your application under load for a long period of time to understand how the application/system deteriorates over time. It helps determine and optimize the response times during and after a sustained time of activity. For instance, your application may behave as expected when it is used for 3 hours, however, after 10 hours your system may begin to fail or behave erratically.

Performance testing tools

Our performance testing process

Performance Testing Process

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