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May 10, 2023
July 1, 2020

Zephyr for JIRA: Features

Zephyr for JIRA: Features
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In our previous post Zephyr for JIRA: Basics, we discussed how to integrate Zephyr with JIRA and how to use it for test management. In this blog, we will explore some of the handy features of Zephyr for JIRA that facilitate efficient test management.

Test Cycle Features

  1. Freezing Test Execution Column: Select up to 2 columns to ‘Freeze’ by clicking the pin icon in the header columns.
  2. Cloning Test Cycle: Cloning essentially copies an existing test cycle and all the tests that it contains. It zeroes out all execution status, comments, attachments, and defects filed.
  3. Test Cycle names are not unique and Folder names are unique.
  4. The folder also has a count of the total executions in it and how many are executed.
  5. The progress tracking status bar provides a quick view of how many tests have been executed.
  6. All folder execution progress and numbers are added to the parent Test Cycle
Zephyr for JIRA

Agile Test Boards

Using Test View, users can identify how the testing activities relate to the ongoing sprints, cycles, or stories that are a part of the given project board.

  • Test View - By Sprint

             1. Allows users to see the iteration - sprints and the cycles that correspond                   under them with progress bars. 

             2. Clicking on a cycle will allow users to see test cases that are a part of that                    given cycle.       

  • Test View - By Issues

              1. Allows users to see the flow from issue to issue - for example, an epic or a                   story that may relate to multiple test cases. 

             2. Clicking on a particular issue will show test cases that are covered by that                    aforesaid issue.

Zephyr for JIRA

Copy All Test Steps between Test Issues

  • Open the test case in edit mode
  • Click on “...” then select ‘Copy Zephyr Test Steps’

          | This opens the Copy Teststeps pag

  • The source and its steps are selected for copy
  • Select the destination tests using any of the below methods:

            1. Individually - Enter the test issue's JIRA ID.

           2. Via Search Filters - Enter Search Filter name and you can search for                  destination test issues

  • Submit

Import Test Cases

Zephyr imports the test cases from Excel and XML files. This feature saves the browser load time while creating test cases directly in Zephyr.

Below are the steps to import your test cases from Excel:

  • Go to the ‘Search Tests’ page             
  • Click on “...” then select ‘Import from CSV’
  • Upload a CSV file for bulk create - click ‘Next’
  • Select ‘Project’  - click ‘Next’
  • Map JIRA and CSV fields
  • Validate the bulk import and then click on the ‘Import’ button

Note: To import the detailed test steps, we need to use ‘Zephyr for JIRA Tests Importer Utility’.

Zephyr for JIRA
Zephyr for JIRA
Zephyr for JIRA

Export Test Cases

  1. Via Search Page
  • Go to ‘Search Tests’ page        
  • Select ‘Export to CSV’
  1. Via Test Cycle
  • Go to ‘Cycle Summary’ page        
  • Select the required ‘Test Cycle’
  • Right Click and select ‘Export’ option

Bulk Update

The bulk update feature saves effort and time by simultaneously updating multiple field values of selected (multiple) tests.

  • Go to ‘Search Tests’ page              
  • Click on ‘...’ - Select ‘Bulk Change’
Zephyr for JIRA
Zephyr for JIRA

Organise Tests

  • Go to ‘Test Summary’ page
  • Tests are organized either by Project, Version (Fix version), Component or by Label.
Zephyr for JIRA

Search Tests

  • On selecting the ‘Search Tests’ menu option, you are taken to JIRA's Issue Navigator with the ‘Test’ issue-type pre-selected, thereby allowing you to search for tests.
  • You can save the search filter for future use by clicking on ‘Save as’ link.
Zephyr for JIRA

Search Test Execution

  • We can search for the appropriate set of test executions using filters in Execution Navigator.
  • We can switch to the Advanced mode :

1. The search box allows you to enter your search queries in the new Zephyr Query Language (ZQL). 

2. ZQL is a simple structured query language that allows you to string together the right fields to search with values, using the appropriate operators and keywords.

         For example, project = ABC AND executedStatus = FAIL

Zephyr for JIRA


Consider, you are using continuous integration (CI) framework for automation. And you want to integrate it with ‘Zephyr for JIRA’, such that whenever test cases are executed in the CI framework, the test execution status is updated for the mapped tests in Zephyr.

Zephyr for JIRA provides you with this feature as part of  ZAPI (or Zephyr API). ZAPI is an API that can be integrated with CI framework to update testing information in ‘Zephyr for Jira’ programmatically.

There are integrations available between Zephyr for Jira and the popular continuous integration tools 

  • Cucumber for JIRA 
  • SoapUI Pro
  • TestComplete
  • CrossBrowserTesting
  • LoadNinja
  • Bamboo
  • Jenkins

How to integrate ZAPI and CI tool?

Assuming, there is an existing JIRA project and Zephyr is installed and configured.

Zephyr for JIRA
  • Install ZAPI Cloud add-on
  • Generate an access and secret key 

            Click on Zephyr

             Navigate to the Automation section and click on API Keys option.

             Click on the Generate button 

             Copy both the access and secret key.

Zephyr for JIRA
Zephyr for JIRA
  • Configure project on CI framework/automation tool

           1. Create a project

           2. Add a test cycle

           3. Add test scripts to the created test cycle

  • Also, add test cycle and test cases in Zephyr for JIRA
  • Configure integration/binding between Zephyr for JIRA and CI framework using ZAPI keys and by mapping:

            1. Project details

            2. Version ID

           3. Test cycles and Test cases

  • Run the appropriate test scripts in the automation tool
  • Test results will be updated for corresponding test cases in the Jira project.
  • Metrics & Reports will reflect the results published.

Zephyr provides a suite of tools to optimize speed and quality of software testing, empowering us with the flexibility and visibility you need to achieve agility.

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