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March 6, 2024
May 17, 2021

The world’s top non-profits chose Drupal to build impactful digital experiences

The world’s top non-profits chose Drupal to build impactful digital experiences
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Investing in a robust digital presence has become highly important for non-profits as it brings out the mission’s purpose and fosters connection. Many influential non-profits are relying on Drupal to create an amplified digital platform as it has been the most reliable and cost-effective content management system with fast performance, good accessibility, robust security, and customizable features among others.

Recently, Drupal also achieved recognition as a Digital Public Good which makes it the best choice for building a digital presence in the public sector, educational, and social-impact organizations as it adds a significant value.

Let’s look at a few examples of how Drupal enabled top non-profit organizations’ digital experiences.

EOCI – providing equal opportunity to underprivileged children globally

EOCI is based in Toronto and operates with the mission of creating a just and equal opportunity for children around the world. Built on Drupal, EOCI’s digital platform contributes to its goal of providing equal opportunities to underprivileged children around the world.

EOCI Drupal website

What makes the digital platform stand out?

  • An intuitive and visually pleasing page layout - EOCI leveraged Drupal features that facilitate well-structured and effortless content authoring.
  • Simplified navigation with the highlighted call to action buttons - The placement of the call to action buttons is prominent making the visitors navigate better.
  • Compelling storytelling - The design and empathetic content contribute to building a trusted online community.

EOCI’s Drupal platform is visually appealing, well-organized, and easy to navigate. Drupal’s mobile-first approach and user-friendly page layout contribute to the non-profit’s mission through maximum global exposure.

Human Rights Watch – defending human rights worldwide

Human Rights Watch is a well-known international organization that advocates freedoms in connection with fundamental human rights. Focused on the organization’s digital-first publishing strategy, its digital presence is content-focused and user-centric.

Human Rights Watch Drupal website

What makes the digital platform stand out?

  • User-centered digital experience - Focused on readability, it delivers an impactful digital experience to its visitors.
  • Personalization - The digital platform ****shows personalized content based on the user’s region by analyzing and learning from the user taxonomy.
  • Optimization - Sharing tools and promoting most-shared content enabled to amplify the reach

Human Rights Watch’s Drupal platform is scalable for handling traffic spikes and allows content editors to publish content seamlessly.

Habitat for Humanity – building homes worldwide

Habitat for Humanity sets the stage for families, volunteers, donors, and supporters to come together and build homes that provide the foundation for a better life. Their mobile-responsive digital platform connects supporters globally.

Habitat for Humanity Drupal website

What makes the digital platform stand out?

  • Personalized experience - The user-friendly web architecture tops the chart in providing a personalized experience to their global audience.
  • Dynamic call-to-action buttons - Drupal’s Paragraph-based page layout enables the content editors to place dynamic CTA’s to increase online donations.
  • Translation and localization of content - The user’s taxonomy triggers automatic translation and localization of the content.

Habitat for Humanity’s digital presence is future-focused with Drupal’s scalable and robust web architecture.

Doctors Without Borders – saving lives globally

Doctors Without Borders is an international, independent medical humanitarian organization providing medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, etc.

Doctors without Borders Drupal website

What makes the digital platform stand out?

  • Brand/UI consistency - Doctors Without Borders has been using Drupal since 2016 for its multi-site functionality, integrating independent country sites with the brand language.
  • Transparent information - Information transparency on the digital platform educates donors on how the money is being used and builds trust in the community.
  • An intuitive design - Drupal’s web architecture has enhanced fluidity, efficacy, and reliability.
  • Localization and translation - Drupal’s multilingual feature helps in rolling out communication campaigns in each region.

Built on Drupal, the non-profit’s digital presence has become fast, and responsive which has resulted in better reach.

UNICEF - Benefitting youth and children worldwide

The UNICEF VentureFund program enables local social ecosystems and startups to create Digital Public Goods (DPGs) that have a profound impact on children's lives worldwide. Their digital platform established a central hub that streamlines collaboration and information management.

UNICEF Drupal website

What makes the digital platform stand out?

  • Centralized content management - The new platform serves as a centralized system for efficiently managing a wealth of essential information, including company profiles, investments, and donations.
  • Transaction system - The platform tracks all transactions, including investments and donations. It displays all investments and allows filtering by solutions, companies, regions, early-stage funding, and growth-stage funding.
  • Speed and responsiveness - The platform ensures optimal speed and responsiveness when handling substantial assets, delivering a seamless and engaging user experience.

The digital solution brings several remarkable enhancements, offering a seamless content authoring experience, and enabling users to craft compelling narratives effortlessly.


Drupal is a highly flexible platform for digital transformation, speedy implementation, and scalability. Drupal’s open-source backdrop supports the non-profit community around the globe in creating an amplified digital presence and contributes to the noble cause. Get in touch with our team of experts today to create a future-focused digital architecture with Drupal.

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