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May 10, 2023
June 2, 2020

Who came first, Design or Design Research? — Part 3

Who came first, Design or Design Research? — Part 3
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Our Design Process has positively increased its impact through research. The intention of our 3 part series dedicated to design research is to conclusively influence that impact and make research actionable for design teams, project managers and decision-makers. The key strategy of research is to collaborate with the stakeholders and systematically bring in all research together to address common solutions.

In Part 1 we looked at the importance of Design Research and also understood that the right use of time through Design Research saves time and efforts at the end. It paves way for reasonable and logical answers from the start of your presentations to the end of your product. The second article in the series Part 2 explains the steps to conduct successful research through systematic and time-saving methods. It also describes how good research contributes to the overall company's growth.

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Let’s take all that context to break down and conclude who came first Design or Design Research?

It's Design research, anything that creates actionable insights for the rest of the project to follow should take the lead. Creation, criticism, and inquiry are all integral parts of the Design Process and Design Research is really doing evidence-based design. Let's understand that through a bulleted list from our insights. 

  • Design is an exchange of value. You have to ask what people really need and value and what business value you expect to get in return, before putting anything at all into the world.
  • Design research allows us to understand complex human behaviour by getting to the root of a problem. Overall, the data we collect through design research allows us to make decisions.
  • We’re all about people! design researchers are to improve people’s experience with our product by understanding their goals and values.
  • Partnerships among researchers and designers distribute and unify knowledge about the product and the people who use it, making our team more efficient in the long run.
  • Design research is more impactful when it’s done earlier rather than later in the production process. By that time you’ve already invested a lot of resources into assuming what you’re building is correct and there is a little less time to be doing anything otherwise.

Design research is a persistent process. It's also a way to empathize and create good user experience by thoroughly understanding people's goals, values and behavioural patterns. It's a positive way of interaction with the stakeholders. The right amount of curiosity during the design process leads to successfully systematic research and with those influential designs we never miss out the process that leads to it.

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