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October 22, 2021
October 13, 2021

Everything you need to know about Selenium 4

Everything you need to know about Selenium 4
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Ever since Selenium 4 was announced in August 2018, the QA testing world was excited and thrilled for the latest enhancement of a QA tester’s best tool. On October 13, 2021, the stable Selenium 4 was officially released after the release of its Alpha and Beta versions. The exciting new features of Selenium 4 are way beyond what anyone could have anticipated and in this blog, this is exactly what we’re going to cover. 

New Features

We have explored these new features in our series blogs with code snippets

Relative Locators        

Relative locators is the new feature introduced in Selenium 4 to locate WebElements relative to other elements. To deep dive, visit our blog on relative locators


Selenium 4 provides the capability to capture screenshots at different UI levels - element, Section, Full Page. In the screenshots blog, we have covered why we need this feature and how we can achieve it in Selenium 4, with example codes

Window Handling        

With Selenium 4, we have a new API to handle the opening of new windows/tabs and switching between windows during test execution. Visit our blog to understand how working with Windows has changed from Selenium 3 to Selenium

Chrome DevTools Protocol        

Native support for Chrome DevTools Protocol is one of the major Selenium 4 features. You can refer to this blog to learn more about the implementation of CDP in detail

Deprecated, Modified and New Methods        

With the introduction of new features, there has been deprecation and modification of methods on Selenium 4. Explore them in this article.

Note: Find the sample code snippets for these features in the GitHub repository here.


Have you tried Selenium 4? If yes, do let us know what features you liked the most, along with the overall experience of working with Selenium 4!

Happy Testing !!!

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