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May 10, 2023
October 18, 2021

Acquia Site Studio - Changing the way digital experiences are delivered

Acquia Site Studio - Changing the way digital experiences are delivered
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The scope and scale of web development has grown exponentially with the advent of the digital age. Need of the hour is to provide real-time, event-driven personalized experiences tailored around the needs of the end-user.

This is the very challenge businesses are facing on a day-to-day basis. Catching up with the needs of the audience and offering tailored digital experiences has become the winning factor. 

The practice of web development needs to catch up with the demands of the audience which are ever-evolving. Thus, in such a predicament, business owners needed a fast and agile platform that can be used by practically all the arms of the business with equal ease as the developers.

The need for a low code/no code solution

All this translates to a need for a platform that requires little to no coding skills and can be used to create intuitive web experiences. Low code solutions are those which require some coding skills and technical know-how from the user.

Whereas, no code platforms are those which require no prior coding experience and can be effectively used by anyone to develop websites.  Acquia Site Studio is one such platform

What is Acquia Site Studio?

A premier offering by Acquia, the people behind Drupal itself, Site Studio’s low-code nature makes it perfect for anyone to use, with much fewer coding skills required as compared to a regular Drupal-based CMS.

The biggest USP of Site Studio is the ability it gives people from the marketing, sales and other departments to create, update, and manage web pages with an easy-to-use interface. 

Formerly known as Cohesion, Acquia Site Studio is the version 9 of the platform DX8 which was developed by Cohesion. It was acquired by Acquia in 2019 and was released as version 9 of DX8 this time called Site Studio. 

It is perhaps the only low-code solution that offers great capabilities to those who want a quick, low-code platform to offer exceptional digital experiences.

Some features of Acquia Site Studio

  • A visual CSS-style Builder: Acquia Site Studio features a visual layout builder with drag and drop framework for creating visually stunning pages. Letting your designers take a breather from coding. Using Site Studio’s Layout builder one can create; View template layouts, Page layouts, Master template layouts, Content template layouts,, and Menu template layouts.
  • Low-code structure: The low-code nature of Site Studio makes it accessible by non technical users as well. Or in the hands of seasoned developers, it results in faster time-to-market, speeding up the web development process by up to four percent.
  • Vast resource library: With a rich library of elements, Site Studio takes advantage of its component-based design and lets anyone create stunning web pages in no time.
  • Reusable components: Maintaining brand consistency is a breeze with Site Studio’s reusable components which make it extremely easy to remain consistent throughout the user’s digital experience of your properties.
  • Style-guide manager: Create and use Style Guides across all of your digital properties, maintaining consistency-critical elements such as Typography, Design Templates, Digital Iconography, and more.

How Site Studio benefits every business function

For developers, Site Studio dramatically reduces the time it takes for them to develop pages, or entire websites for that matter. The low-code algorithm of Site Studio does the heavy lifting for you and gives you a vast library from which you can just drag-and-drop elements to build your website. 

For the marketing and other departments, Site Studio emerges as an opportunity for them to take web development into their own hands and shape the brand voice as they deem fit.  Click here to to know more.

Business benefits of Site Studio 

  • Faster time-to-market: With the time required to develop web pages significantly reduced, you can run better campaigns, update your website(s) as frequently as you’d want. Along with this a faster time-to-market allows you to react to factors affecting your line of business. Giving you better control over your digital assets.
  • Reusable components: If being consistent across your digital properties was a hassle for you, Acquia Site Studio is the perfect solution for your needs. With a vast library of reusable components, be assured that the tone you create can, and will be followed across all of your digital offerings.
  • Scale exponentially: With the capacity to reuse components, you can create multiple websites at scale and reach your audience spanning geographies and time zones.
  • Reduced cost of managing the site: All these features end up reducing the cost you incur to manage your digital assets. Allowing you to invest in other avenues of your business.
  • Highly customizable: Site Studio offers incredible customisations which will allow you to create unique brand identity across all your websites.

QED42 with Site Studio

If you’re looking for a development partner that transcends the bounds of traditional web architecture, we have enough expertise and acumen to navigate all your BizTech challenges. 

We have already enhanced the digital presence of 4 different industry giants through Site Studio. Like this one time we did it for one of the largest pharma companies in the world. Or this other time we did it for one of the insurance giants. Or this another time we successfully engineered a solution on Acquia Site Studio for one of the biggest food and beverage companies in the world. 

For us to develop your digital experiences on Acquia Site Studio, all you have to do is get in touch.

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