Crafting digital solutions for social impact

Enabling non-profits with tailored solutions for compelling and purpose-driven websites.

Transformative digital solutions for non-profit organization

QED42 believes in the power of technology to transform non-profit digital presence. We enable organizations with affordable Drupal digital transformation that showcase their causes and drive meaningful engagement.
UNICEF revolutionized its knowledge sharing and collaboration within the organization with our digital solutions. We established a robust workflow that simplifies access to information across various websites.
American Diabetes Association revamped its online presence using multisite capabilities. We created the ideal solutions for our client that resulted in the scalability, user-centric designs, centralized content management, and robust security.
We have also deployed digital solutions among other non-profits  which resulted in simplified content management, data mapping, robust site management, improved brand perception, tailored online presence, and easy accessibility.

Drupal & design expertise

Powerful open-source CMS for your organization's vision and digital needs

Future-proof your digital assets with Drupal Development
A flexible and scalable Drupal digital transformation that allows seamless content authoring, easy customization & integrations with existing tools, and future-oriented websites that can evolve as the organization’s digital needs scale up.
Drupal development
Omnichannel publishing with Decoupled Drupal
Decoupled Drupal enables publishing the same content on the web, mobile, and chatbots. It offers a user-friendly, customizable interface, and rich media support for enhanced content creation ensuring adaptability to changing user needs.
Decoupled drupal
Switch to latest versions with Drupal Migration
The new technological advancements offer superior scalability, accessibility, content workflows, user experience, reliability and security patches to protect your website from potential digital threats.
Drupal migration

Building design-first digital solutions — tailored to align with your brand's values

UX/UI design that resonates deeply with the users
User-centered digital experiences that lead to consistent brand outcomes. We create designs that balance aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a smooth user journey from the first interaction to conversions.
UX & UI Design
Branding and identity design that brings your brand to life
Crafting designs by delving into research and analysis, creating a strategic foundation that provides a clear rationale for your brand's direction, ensuring that all touchpoints are combined with your brand's visual elements.
Design system that achieves efficient digital experiences
Cohesive designs that offer a structured, standardized approach to design, ensuring consistency across all digital touch-points, from web applications to mobile apps making it efficient and cost-effective.
Design system

From vision to life: Crafting digital impact with our end-to-end engagement

Our end-to-end engagement for non-profits guides you through every step, from understanding your organization's unique goals to creating visually compelling designs and integrating essential features with a focus on maximizing impact and engagement. We collaborate closely with you to bring your non-profit's vision to life on the digital stage.

Drupal Migration Process Diagram

Unlocking the potential: Impact of Drupal digital transformation for Non-profits

Simplified content management

Efficiently organize and manage your content without any dependencies on the development teams.

Maintained accessibility standard

Making your website inclusive and accessible to all, amplifying your reach and impact.

Improved brand perception

Enhancing your brand’s credibility with a user-centric design considering the unique needs of the segment.

Tailored online presence

Customizing your website to increase donations, create awareness of the cause, and build trust.

Robust site management

Streamlining website operations and maintenance for seamless performance and reliability.

Enhanced security

Ensuring trust within your community with robust security measures that protect your user data.

Cost-effective solutions

Implementing web solutions tailored to your needs by reducing development and maintenance costs.

Efficient support and maintenance

Prioritizing a robust user testing and feedback process, ensuring the effectiveness of solutions.

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