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Drag & Drop Reorderable Grid List With REACT + REDUX

Generally, a lot of devs face problem when it comes to drag and drop functionality implementation and its integration with the Redux states is a big pain.


New Polymer Element for Balanced Photo Galleries - <polymer-bg>

 is a polymer element for balanced galleries to evenly distribute the photos across rows or columns, making the most of the space provided. Balanced Gallery is a jQuery plugin that evenly distributes photos across rows or columns, making the most of the space provided. Photos are scaled based on the size of the 'container' element by default, making Balanced Gallery a great choice for responsive websites. On a recent project we needed a similar photo gallery for Polymer based frontend, hece we created and are open sourcing : a polymer element to evenly distribute the photos across rows or columns using balanced gallery plugin.
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Factory for Data Operations on SQLite using Ionic

One of the pain points in hybrid app development is data persistence & data storage. Though LocalStorage can be used for storing less critical data like cache, devs usually look at SQLite for consistent data storage backend. SQLite works fine for both the platforms (Android & iOS). In this post we discuss how to efficiently work with SQLite using a simple factory that can be used for doing simple operations on your SQLite Database.
In JS, by abhay.kumar

Ionic and Android 6 Runtime Permissions

Android Permission Provisioning has changed recently, If an app is using Android SDK API level 22 or below, users are asked for all the permissions in bulk at the time of installation i.e. Without granting permission user can not install the app. Now with Android 6's security patch called Run Time Permission (API level 23 and above) the app while in use can request for specific permission when the need arise ( similar to iOS ) e.g. you will be asked for the location's permission when you actually try to access the location of the device.