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Experience the power of AI  — to craft intelligent, digital solutions tailored to your industry and business needs, guided by human judgement

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AI consultation

Whether you want to transform your data repositories into knowledge hubs, automate tasks, enhance decision-making, or build intelligent assistants, we can assist you in achieving your business objectives. Our team of AI experts offers strategic consulting services to enable you to leverage the power of AI for your business. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and objectives and recommend customized AI solutions and strategies.

Semantic search

Experience the benefits of natural language with our semantic search solution. Our multimodal approach utilizes advanced embeddings to navigate various data formats effortlessly and get instant AI-generated answers that enhance how your audience interacts with the data. You can search and navigate the site with intuitive, multilingual voice recognition.

AI-assisted CMS workflows

Elevate your content authoring and management experience with smart workflows. Automate the creation of FAQs and Q&A schema, content summarization, and related content suggestions. We use advanced AI-augmented trend analysis to enhance SEO performance and automated media text to improve accessibility and streamline asset management for a more intuitive content authoring process.

Chatbots and conversational AI

Transform extensive data into meaningful dialogues with Generative AI. Enhance language models by integrating them into your existing customer support system to optimize processes with minimal human dependency. We can help create responsive, intuitive, and adaptive conversational experiences tailored to your customer care guidelines. Our Assistive AI significantly reduces response time by delivering prompt responses, with the ultimate decision resting with your capable customer care representatives.

AI-driven personalization

Enhance your online presence with AI-driven personalization. Our AI suite tailors marketing and content recommendations based on user behavior, ensuring precise and engaging experiences. We create AI-crafted digital spaces where you can personalize content for a profound connection with your audience with behavior-based emails, AI-powered data analysis, user interaction analysis, and feedback monitoring.

AI infrastructure

Establish a robust, scalable foundation for AI with our AI Infrastructure services. We prioritize advanced, easy-to-maintain solutions, ensuring dependable AI deployment and seamless scalability.  We help tailor experiences using your data to fine-tune open-source models deployed to your AWS, Azure, GCP, or self-hosted environments for maximum privacy. Our infrastructure supports and enhances your AI journey, providing streamlined monitoring and maintenance capabilities that grow with your needs.

Reasons why your business requires our AI solutions

Support for open-source

Our open-source tech stack combined with AI capabilities greatly improves flexibility, customization, and collaboration. An open-source approach enhances cost-effectiveness and enables adaptability and shared growth in the ever-evolving world of AI.

Increased ROI

The perfect balance between cost-efficiency and cutting-edge framework of AI solutions optimizes ROI. Our AI solutions tailor services to fit business needs and develop specialized in-house tools that are scalable.

Model and integration customization

Our customized models and integrations will perfectly fit your unique business needs. Fine-tuned AI models will use your data to ensure a personalized experience that seamlessly aligns with your specific goals and audience.

Data protection and security

From secure data transitions to adherence to strict software licenses and protocols, our approach guarantees data protection within and beyond your development environment.

Smart content management

Our AI solutions transform content management and streamline asset creation for all media types with automated captions, tags, and efficient SEO. Content is generated when required, redefining how you organize and utilize digital assets.

Enhanced Drupal CMS

We seamlessly integrate AI into Drupal to enhance and accelerate your CMS workflows. The robust features of Drupal enriched with AI capabilities redefine content management and uncover new far-reaching potential.

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