Why QED42?

Innovative GTM Solutions 

We integrate your requirements with our technology expertise, the center of excellence thought leadership, and our experienced team to develop innovative GTM solutions. 

Global business continuity

Get 24X7 support across all timezones (AMER, EMEA, APAC), and leverage the differential timezone advantage with our support and maintenance team. 

Automation led S&M

We leverage pre-built big data analytical tools & create self-healing BOTs that help reduce manual work and incidents resulting in saving application maintenance and support costs.

Well-defined SLA structure

QED42 offers dedicated certified developers and 24X7 SLA-based support plans to ensure issues are resolved proactively with set priority levels fulfilling the committed turnaround times. 

Proactive tracking 

Our proactive monitoring software identifies & resolves problems as early as possible, minimizing the need for reactive support and increasing predictability.

Strong Governance

We help businesses better manage their risks and compliance with robust governance against their business objectives. 

Training & Workshops

The QED42 Learning Academy delivers a range of off-the-shelf digital, blended, and classroom courses on multiple subjects for our clients, delivered through our online platform.

Skilled Workforce

We ensure that our team is up to date with regular webinars, training, and continuous skill assessments. 

Accelerate cloud adoption and increase business flexibility

Our proactive hybrid IT support helps businesses accelerate cloud adoption by transforming IT maintenance with advanced analytics, AI-powered insights, and automation. We keep IT systems running smoothly across your hybrid cloud environment with a customized approach. Our support services support your entire IT environment, including clouds, data centers, and on-premise IT infrastructure. We offer: 

  • Preventive maintenance

  • On-site/Remote support

  • Actionable insights

  • Accelerated cloud adoption

  • Reduced unplanned downtime & avoid incidents

  • Reduced costs

Our Application Maintenance Services include:

Product/App Enhancements

As your software products mature in the market, the need for continuous innovation becomes imminent. Our product enhancement services complement the innovation process through rapid implementation and product feature enhancement. We offer:

  • Updating existing functional modules

  • Developing new application features

  • Adding software integrations

  • Application re-architecting & modernization

  • Suggesting new features based on user feedback

  • Feasibility studies and ROI calculation

Security & Compliance Management

We help businesses focus on strategic security priorities. Our team manages the day-to-day threat management, data protection, and ongoing compliance requirements. Enterprises can better manage their risks, compliance, and governance by teaming with our security consultants. We offer:

  • 24x7 security monitoring, regular audits, incident troubleshooting

  • Scheduled app vulnerability and misconfiguration diagnostics

  • Detailed vulnerability reports

  • Governance, risk, and compliance

  • Proactive managed security

  • Ongoing security insights

  • Holistic threat management

  • Automation & AI 

Performance Management

A poorly designed architecture can hamper the functionality and performance of your product. We enable our clients to predict and prevent any performance issues that can impact the business or users. Our performance management services ensure that the critical applications of our clients meet the established expectations for availability, performance, and user experience. We offer: 

  • 24x7 app performance monitoring to detect and resolve performance issues

  • Digital experience monitoring

  • Database monitoring 

  • Availability monitoring 

  • Regular usability and performance testing (stability, load, scalability testing)

  • Continuous performance and UX optimization

CI/CD & DevOps Implementation

Embrace QED42’s enterprise-ready DevOps and focus on delivering innovation. We help create toolchains that support your app delivery tasks, automate builds, tests, deployments, and more. Businesses can increase their DevOps agility, shorten releases, improve reliability, and stay ahead of the competition. Our CI/CD & DevOps implementations streamline team collaboration and increase productivity. We offer:

  • Continuous delivery

  • Software and release testing

  • Integrated DevOps toolchains

  • Automated delivery pipeline

  • Git Repos and issue tracking

  • Source code vulnerabilities identification

  • Deployment risk assessment

  • Toolchain templates

Version/Software Upgrades

Upgrade to the latest version or release of your technology stack with us. We help businesses leverage new and enhanced technology by updating the software to improve performance, security, usability, reliability, and resiliency.

Cloud Resource Management

Effective resource management is extremely challenging due to the scale of the cloud infrastructure and the unpredictable interactions of the system with a large population of users. We assure application performance with smart cloud resource management. We continuously analyze your cloud resource utilization to optimize applications & infrastructure for reduced costs. We offer: 

  • Cloud environment review and identification of deficiencies

  • Resource consumption optimization to reduce cloud costs

  • On-demand cloud resource management

Backups & Recovery

We enable businesses to go beyond data backup and recovery by offering secure storage solutions for data protection and cyber resilience to ensure continuity of operations, better performance, and lower infrastructure costs. QED42 simplifies VM, application, and container backup and recovery, which improves storage efficiency, and provides data isolation throughout. We offer: 

  • All-in-one data protection

  • Scalable data storage protection

  • Advanced copy data management

  • Enterprise cyber resilient storage

  • High-performance cyber resilience solution

Our Support Services

QED42 offers hyper-care support and steady-state support once the application is stable. We provide 4 types of support levels, i.e., L1, L2, L3, and L4. Our support service methodology capitalizes on the broad knowledge base acquired over the years while 


Support and Maintenance

L1 - Call support, informative

It is the initial level of maintenance & support provided by our user help desk. We offer call support to screen issues and assign them to appropriate owners. 

Support and Maintenance

L2 - Config or CMS related query

This level of support deals with configuration or CMS-related queries raised in support tickets that can be resolved with basic application configurations or suggesting workarounds. 

Support and Maintenance

L3 - Bug fixes (health and hygiene) 

This level of support deals with perfective maintenance related to the health and hygiene of the application via quick bug fixes and performance tuning. It usually deals with tickets that require code changes. 

Support and Maintenance

L4 - Feature enhancements

This level of support deals with tickets for application feature enhancements. We develop enhancements identified in areas like requirement specification, technical design, testing, etc. 

Our Support Models

Hyper-Care support model 

In this model, QED42 deploys a dedicated team to provide support for the contract period that covers L2 / L3 / L4 support. Our team can be based in on-site locations and/or offshore as per the client's requirements. This model offers support performance parameters (SLA, SLA performance) that define the pricing. We manage the scheduling, resourcing, and management of the support team. 

Shared Support Model

This is a ticket-based model where a specific unit of work is purchased by the client and is primarily L2 / L3 / L4 support. While the support team is based offshore, based on our client requirements, the team can be deployed on-site. Our support team assists multiple clients and ensures that the support performance parameters are adhered to.

Our Support & Maintenance Process 

Support and Maintenance

Our Tools & Technologies Stack 

Remote Collaboration

Ticketing Systems




Mobile Technologies


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