Benefits of web application testing

Accelerated time-to-market

Consistent and optimized performance across the web

Round-the-clock testing for round-the-clock releases

Minimizing testing costs

Focus on the end-user

Ensured compatibility across devices and browsers

Improved SEO rankings

Avoid security risks

Our web application testing services

Functional Testing

Our web functional testing evaluates each feature of your web application and verifies if it meets all the technology and business requirements. Our functional testing services uncover the system aspects that fail to meet the defined requirements or return expected results. We offer automated, semi-automated, and manual functional testing that ensure the frontend and backend of your web application functions as expected. 

Usability Testing

Our usability testing services seek out faults and inconsistencies in your web application’s GUI, user flows, information architecture, navigation and more. We implement proven usability testing practices to identify usability issues and advise improvements to help you deliver an easy to use intuitive and attractive experience. 

Compatibility Testing

We ensure that your website or web application works flawlessly, regardless of the platform, device, operating system, network, or browser it is used on and report the issues detected. Our quality assurance engineers ensure each pixel is displayed correctly, and that the web application works as expected.

Compliance Testing

We also provide compliance testing services, that make sure that your website or web application adheres to the applicable local and industry-specific regulations (HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, and more). We also ensure that development standards are followed and identify and report all non-compliant areas. 

Performance Testing

Our performance web application testing includes a range of performance test scenarios to assess how responsive, stable and resilient your web app stays under extreme load and stress. We test your web application with the planned data and user load and pinpoint the breakpoints and loopholes. 

Security Testing

Our web application security testing service scans your web application for vulnerabilities by reviewing the source code and conducting penetration testing. We also simulate a hacking attack and analyze your web applications behaviour under such conditions, helping you address security vulnerabilities early in the process. Our security testing ensures that your web app will be protected from data leaks and malicious attacks. 

Automation Testing

Our web app testing experts ensure the high quality and improved performance of your web app with our best practices and expertise in testing automation. We automate functional, regression and performance testing with keyword-driven and data-driven approaches.

Our web application testing process

Our web app testing process

We offer web application testing services for

Web portals

QED42 offers web portal testing for various portals, ranging from e-commerce portals, patient portals, enterprise portals, to B2B portals. Our web portal testing services focus on business-critical areas such as data security, integrations, navigation, and content management. 


We test websites that serve varying industries and complexities, like higher education websites, business websites, e-commerce websites, media websites, and more. Our website testing services emphasized on your website’s navigation, forms, input fields, responsiveness, layout, and data security.

Web services

We offer our testing expertise to web services such as social networking applications, app marketplaces, data streaming services. Where we test their cross-device compatibility, response time, user acceptance and load endurance. 

SaaS applications

Our SaaS application testing strategy focuses on identifying latency issues, compatibility issues and other factors that may disrupt your service. We test CRM’s, CMS’s, payment gateways, project management solutions and more.

Web application testing tools

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