QED42’s mobile app testing expertise

We offer industry-leading quality assurance expertise and a proven track record of supporting clients in identifying and implementing their vision and delivering business value. Our mobile application testing services enable our clients to maintain high quality while reducing the costs and time-to-market. 
Our quality assurance engineers implement the latest testing tools, have access to a wide range of mobile devices and platforms, and follow a structured testing methodology, ensuring that your software exhibits stellar quality at all times. 

Why is mobile app testing automation important?

Providing a consistent app experience across devices is critical. Users expect instant, seamless interactions. And every digital experience is a reflection of your brand — which is why mobile app testing should be an integral part of your overall testing strategy.
The mobile space is incredibly fragmented. Between devices, generations, and operating systems, there are thousands of permutations to test. But with mobile test automation, you can quickly scale your tests and boost coverage to accelerate delivery.

Our mobile application testing services

Functional Testing

Our QA experts ensure that we find the issues before your users do. We run mobile testing for your app against all of its functional requirements, right from the interface to the mobile backend. Our functional testing services guarantee that the app behaves as expected. Verification of mobile app features and functionalities as per the design arrangement to exhibit better product quality

Regression Testing

We perform thorough regression testing for your mobile applications to ensure the scalability of your app. Our regression testing services ensure that adding, changing, or removing any app feature do not affect the existing features and performance of your app.

Compatibility Testing

We assess your mobile app’s compatibility to work seamlessly with a wide range of devices, operating systems, browsers, etc. Our compatibility testing also makes sure that your product follows all operational guidelines imposed by app stores and is installable on the target devices and platforms.

Performance Testing

We rigorously test the performance of your mobile app on both the client and server-side. Our QA experts check your mobile apps for weak spots and bottlenecks that might affect their memory use, load resilience, and stability. We create and execute load tests that determine the responsiveness, readiness, scalability and operating capacity of your mobile application.

Network Connectivity

We also test how your app performs with various networks, connection speed, and quality levels, including slow and interrupted connections. We carry out tests in a simulated manner to see how the app would respond in different network environments such as 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

Usability Testing

Our QA experts ensure that your mobile app has a user-friendly interface, covers key functionalities, and delivers an engaging user experience.
Our usability testing services identify usability issues such as lengthy user flows, missing features, poor loading time, etc. through UX audit and testing.

Security Testing

Mobile apps are vulnerable to hacking attacks. We simulate hacking attacks on your app and identify security loopholes along with relevant recommendations. We also provide backend security/server-side security testing for larger applications.

We offer our mobile application testing services for

iOS & Android Mobile

Wearable Applications

Augmented Reality

Mobile application testing tools

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