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Our quality assurance and testing services focus on improving the user experience for a seamless experience across all platforms. QED42’s end-to-end quality assurance and testing services blend seamlessly into the development life cycle delivering error-free and high performing web, cloud, and mobile apps. Our QA experts implement latest practices and technologies to mitigate technical and business risks significantly reducing the total cost of testing and achieving high ROI. It’s not just about bug fixing; we also specialize in defining processes and their implementation, auditing, and training.

Automation Testing

Automation Testing

Lower costs.
Faster time to market.
No regression debt.
Rules out human error.

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Testing services we offer

Functional testing

Functional testing

Our functional testing services guarantee high-quality digital products - software, mobile & web applications to deliver the performance and experience they were designed for. Our experts formulate a robust approach & offer personalised test plans ensuring your software does exactly what it is designed to do. Combined with industry-standard tools and, we deliver the most effective functional testing capabilities available for digital.

UI testing

UI testing

We make sure that your User Experience is awesome on every device and in every condition. Our testing experts understand that with rapid change in technology, the user expectations also undergo a rapid change. And our comprehensive UI testing services ensure unmissable user experiences that are fast, easy, and rich. Through GUI testing, we not only evaluate functionalities, but also the design elements such as layouts, buttons, links, fonts and more.

testing services
API testing

API testing

APIs are a vital part of every software being developed, and it is important to test APIs with each build and release. Our API testing services expose coding issues that manual or automated tests may miss like excess or unnecessary code.

They ensure that the interfaces satisfy the requirements not only for functionality, but also for reliability, performance, and security of your application. We help you get ahead of the regression curve and develop automated API testing before your frontend is polished off.

Accessibility testing

Accessibility testing

Digital experiences are now equipped to provide accessibility to the differently abled populace. 

In order to deliver flawless accessible applications catering to people with special challenges like blindness, hearing impairment, handicapped or any other disabilities. Accessibility testing needs to be included in the Software Testing Life Cycle. Our accessibility testing services combine accessibility assessments and community-driven testing helping you embrace and deliver exceptional experience for every customer across all digital platforms.

Automation testing

Automation testing

Compared to manual testing, QA automation offers many benefits that can cut costs, radically reduce time to market, optimize development workflows, and dramatically improve end-product quality. With the current trend towards Agile software development, DevOps and frequent builds, you need faster, more comprehensive testing to improve both quality and velocity.

Our QA automation services test complicated scenarios and business logic in a robust and reliable manner, saving a lot of effort.

Usability testing

Usability testing

Usability is a necessary condition for your products’ survival.Our usability testing services, assure you a high quality product with flawless end user experience. Along with qualitative feedback for product improvement that evolve the product to be more user friendly. Our usability testing services cover both web and mobile applications and includes tests such as screen resolution checks, compatibility across devices and operating systems, A/B testing, amongst others to ensure conformance to not just system requirements but more importantly to user expectations.


Tools used for testing

Backstop Js
PHP Unit
Browser Stack

QA Approach

Our QA approach and methodology blend seamlessly into your development lifecycle.

QA diagram
QA diagram

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