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With an ever-changing enterprise engineering landscape, we boost your speed to innovate and help you thrive in today’s digital ecosystem. Our end-to-end product engineering services accelerate the pace of innovation, delivering faster time-to-market, increased operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and maximized returns.

Engineering your future with

Product Design

Product Design

Our human-centred, design-led engineering radically transforms the user experience and creates engaging products and solutions that are meaningful and intuitive. From colour schemes to design systems, we help to deliver user-centred designs, intuitive UI/UX, personalization and enhance your brand and identity. Our customer-centric approach keeps your customer at the centre of the solution, designing and delivering impactful digital experiences.

API Development and Modernization

API Development and Modernization

Embrace the digital revolution and employ new-age technology to stay relevant in today’s dynamic marketplace. We help you keep pace with the ever-evolving customer needs by embracing new technologies, redesign, digital enhancements, digital automation, and APIs.

Modern Interfaces

Modern interfaces

Each industry comes with its unique challenges and common patterns of success. From business-focused apps to enterprise products customized to specific industries, we deliver state of art applications to impact adoption and business using platforms, DevOps, and APIs. Our modern interfaces help you disrupt the future while optimizing the here-and-now!

Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering

We harness the power of change by putting the cloud at the core of your business. Modernizing operations and infrastructure of cloud-based apps, products, and platforms to boost agility and reduce costs. From migration to cloud management, we help quickly create, launch and deliver multi-cloud strategies, new services and products.



We help you unleash the power of data to uncover actionable insights by harnessing data analytics, visualization, and custom algorithms. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities equip you to plough through data and realise tangible business value and ROI for your organization. Our data-driven business intelligence solutions help employees attain higher productivity and faster decision-making abilities.


Continuous Delivery & Transformation

Our dedicated team of experts provide multi-level support to enhance revenue, efficiency and customer delight. We maintain and optimize your brand and digital assets with our round the clock Quality Assurance Services and CI/CD using frameworks & accelerators. Our customer-centered Hyper care support is designed to offer crucial end-user support.

The Impact

Enhanced customer experience

Enhanced CX with CSAT of 98% and NPS of 70+

Accelerated development

Hyperactive approach for faster time to market


Tech profiling to excel today and evolve tomorrow

Improved ROI

Outcome-based prioritisation, saving up to 70% cost of transformation


Tap expertise with our unique vantage point across 15 industries

Digital ecosystem

DXP for 100% control over digital platforms and customer touchpoints

QED42 Clients
QED42 Clients

Industries we serve

Product Engineering
Product Engineering

Our Product Engineering Approach

Product Engineering Approach
Product Engineering Approach

Why QED42?

Agile best practices

Deep domain expertise

Rapid release management

State-of-art new age engineering processes

Quality and domain-centric certifications

Unmatched value proposition

Outcome-based approach

Continued innovation

Technology Stack

Product Engineering Technology Stack
Product Engineering Technology Stack

Our Engagement Models

Extend your Enterprise

Staff augmentation from a pool of certified experts who fit your culture

Hybrid & Cross-Functional

Add specific resources and skills to complete or augment your team’s performance.

Turnkey Projects

Complete ownership of timely outcomes on an agreed scope at an agreed price.

Strategic Partnerships

Co-invest, Co-pitch, and Co-create new growth!

Hyper care Support Package

Custom designed and flexible model for intense projects of critical nature.

Create your own engagement model


Our Work

Marketing CMS for Grofers Native Mobile App

Marketing CMS for Grofers Native Mobile App


Making Legal Language Digitally Accessible - ILAO

Making Legal Language Digitally Accessible - ILAO


Enabling Ashoka.org's Presence Across 90+ Geographies

Enabling Ashoka.org's Presence Across 90+ Geographies


Product Engineering FAQs

What is product engineering? 

It is the process of converting an idea into a commercially viable product for the market. It is the lifecycle of product development from its conceptualization to design, development, testing and sustainability.

What are the stages of product engineering?

The stages of product engineering are - Conceptualization and Ideation, Market analysis and product planning, Product design and development, Quality assurance, Prototyping and production, Sustenance and maintenance. 

What is Product Design?

It is the process of imagining and designing a product as per the end user’s requirements. The basic aspects of product design are usability, accessibility and inclusivity. Read more about our design approach here.

Why outsource product engineering?

Product engineering outsourcing is an efficient and cost-effective solution where specialized service providers deliver an end-to-end product engineering service using best-in-class technology with faster turnaround time.

At what stage can I start outsourcing?

You can engage with a product engineering partner as early as the ‘Conceptualization and Ideation’ stage. If you have an idea, you can get in touch with our team here for end-to-end product engineering services.

How do you ensure continuous improvements?

We follow a data-driven quality assurance approach to monitor the product’s performance and ensure an effective end-user engagement. Read more about it here

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