Drupal's Roadmap

Drupal 9 Roadmap

Benefits of choosing Drupal 9

Backward Compatibility

Backward compatibility

Drupal 9’s backwards compatibility enables it to use data, modules, and configurations from Drupal 8; unlike the case with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

Rich Media Management

Rich media management

Along with embedding remote content such as Youtube/Vimeo videos, Drupal 9’s Media Library is built into the editor and acts as a repository to manage and upload/bulk upload your media.

Embrace Headless CMS

Embrace Headless CMS

Drupal 9’s API-first approach enables you to enhance your sites user experience with a powerful front-end (implementing JavaScript frameworks like React & Angular). 

Future Proof Architecture

Future-proof architecture

With all upgrades streamlined and simplified, the Drupal community is focusing all its future innovations on Drupal 9.

Powerful Visual Design

Powerful visual design  

The layout builder transforms the whole experience of creating web pages with features like template control and a user-friendly interface  making it a powerful visual design tool

Blazing Performance

Blazing performance

Drupal 9 takes the mobile-first approach further by lending its support for responsive images; mobiles will display the best-sized images, thereby consuming less data.

What’s new in Drupal 9?

Updated theme’s and modules

Almost half of the themes and modules in Drupal 9 have either a stable or a developer version. That means Drupal 9 is compatible with these themes and modules. The remaining themes and modules have a working patch.


Custom codes for deprecation

For custom Drupal websites, tools like Drupal Check and Rector are available for checking deprecated codes. Developers can also use an integrated development environment to manage the deprecations.

Third-party dependency updates

With all deprecated functionality getting removed, Drupal’s load of dependencies will get significantly lighter. Drupal 9 cutting down on third-party dependencies, has improved its stability and security. 


Enhanced Drupal core

Drupal 9’s core code is similar to Drupal 8.9 except for deprecated parts and third-party dependencies. Since you don’t have to remove any code from the core, the upgrade from Drupal 8 to 9 would be a seamless process.

Our Drupal 9 services

Being among one of the top code contributors to the Drupal 9 project we continue to innovate and leverage our Drupal 9 Development expertise for our customers.


Drupal 9 Design and Development

Drupal 9 is the same as the latest Drupal 8’s minor version but comes with the best and latest opensource technologies. We implement the best of Drupal 9 modules and themes to help create high-performing immersive experiences. Our Drupal 9 experts develop enterprise-class web applications that enhance the digital infrastructure of your business. Making it more accessible with powerful themes and modules. 

Drupal 9 Custom Module Development

We cater to your unique business needs with custom Drupal 9 module development. Our highly customizable Drupal websites, come along with personalized content, design, and custom Drupal 9 modules. Making sure that your unique business requirements are met and you gain a considerable advantage over your competition.

Drupal 9 Theme Development

We help you unleash the power of data to uncover actionable insights by harnessing data analytics, visualization, and custom algorithms. Our AI and ML capabilities equip you to plough through data and realise tangible business value and ROI for your organization. Our data-driven business intelligence solutions help employees attain higher productivity and faster decision-making abilities.

Third-party Integrations

We help businesses seamlessly integrate with any third-party platform that suits their business needs. From the payment gateway, social media, to CRM platform integrations, and more. We keep your integrations perfectly intact while migrating your website to Drupal 9 while upgrading your website’s functionality and security using powerful APIs.

Drupal 9 Upgrade & Migrate

We offer seamless and hassle-free Drupal upgrades and migrations. Be it a Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 upgrade, a Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migration or migration from any legacy CMS to Drupal 9, our expert Drupal 9 developers have you covered. 

Drupal 9 Support & Maintenance

We have a dedicated team of Drupal experts and customer service executives to address all your queries & technical needs. Whether it’s speed optimization or design enhancement, we are here to help you.

We are here to help

Looking to upgrade your website to the latest Drupal versions or re-platforming? We’ve got you covered! Our comprehensive set of solutions and deep Drupal expertise helps reshape your website and identify if Drupal is the right fit for your business needs


Drupal 7 user

With  D7 end of life in November 2020, and extended support till 2021. Now is the time to decide the course of action for your website to thrive with optimum performance and security. The most reliable way to prepare for Drupal 9 is to upgrade your site to Drupal 8!


Drupal 8 user

If you are a Drupal 8 user, it’s extremely easy for you to upgrade your website to Drupal 9! Hop on to this article for a preview of the breaking changes in D9. You can also learn more about the simple steps to upgrade your site to Drupal 9 here.

new to drupal

New to Drupal

Exploring a CMS with enterprise security and scalability?  From being a Content Management System for SMB / media sites to a preferred digital experience platform for enterprises, Drupal is the most popular open-source CMS in the market. Reach out to us and discover what Drupal can do for your business. 

We are ready for Drupal 9


Drupal 9.0.0 issues release supported


Contrib module release supported

How to prepare your site for Drupal 9

  • Make sure your hosting environment is compatible with the updated requirements of Drupal 9. Know More

  • Upgrade to the latest version of Drupal i.e Drupal 8.8 or Drupal 8.9

  • Ensure that your contributed modules are up-to-date

  • Eliminate deprecated APIs used in your custom code. Rector helps resolve the majority of these automatically.

  • Drupal-check a project created by Matt Glaman checks Drupal code for deprecations and discovers bugs via static analysis. All it requires is a Composer installed your Drupal 8 codebase in a local folder

Drupal 9 for Site Owners

  • With the advent of Drupal 9, you will never have to re-platform again! Drupal 9 is the easiest upgrade ever with a commitment to easy upgrades in the future. With cutting-edge new features and intuitive solutions, improve your digital experiences without worrying about future upgrades.

  • Explore more about what are the new features of Drupal 9 here

Claro for Designers

  • Drupal’s former admin theme Seven was long outdated and needed a visual update.

  • Drupal was in dire need of a new Design System for the Drupal administration UI. Claro is a clean, accessible and powerful Drupal administration theme.

  • Modernizing the administration look and feel through a design system built from scratch for the Drupal administration UI. Read more about Claro

Olivero for Marketers

  • A new default front-end theme for Drupal with a modern look and feel. The new theme’s official overviews say “Drupal 9: The Most Beautiful CMS Ever!”

  • Olivero is a huge leap forward from the current default theme, Bartik (initially created for D7). Learn more about Olivero here.

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