What does QED42’s Digital Center of Excellence do? 

To truly succeed in today’s business environment, merely building a website, app, and social media presence isn’t enough. Businesses need to bridge the gap between physical and digital, leverage digital capabilities and deliver a personalized customer experience. Our Digital Center of Excellence helps companies transform their organization and structure, digital tools and technology, target market, governance, culture and vision and more. Our clients trust our Digital CoE for their digital transformation, where we exclusively focus on streamlining and executing their digital operations. 
QED42’s Digital Center of Excellence empowers businesses with the speed and fluidity to meet and surpass the market (customer) requirements, differentiate against the competition, and even predict the future and share the segments with thought leadership.

Optimized business processes

We develop comprehensive roadmaps and plans of action that keep your workflow dynamic. We also build teams with digital experts managed by a CoE lead, that ensure seamless implementations, deliveries and continuous improvements.

Research & Innovation

We research and implement the latest tools and technologies (Internet of Things, IT modernization, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, machine learning, and DevOps) that enhance both production and internal operations is a major part of our Digital CoE team

Infusing Digital

Our Digital CoE aims to help clients outpace their consumer expectations, implement personalization for enhancing customer experiences, and improve business ROI. We help clients identify, develop, and launch new business models, define processes and workflows, build a digital workforce and continuously improve. 

Why do businesses need a Digital Center of Excellence?

Laying out a strategy for your digital transformation and implementing that change calls for a strong, structured team to lead the change. Organizations usually fail to successfully launch their digital transformation strategies, since their internal teams lack the resources, technical expertise, and infrastructure to compete with disruptive competitors. This is where a Digital CoE comes into the picture.

Harmonize Business IT

Harmonize business and IT

Anchoring the efforts of relevant stakeholders, IT, operations, DevOps, business owners around shared goals & objectives that transcend individual departments & begin to drive end-to-end transformation.

Optimize Your Technology Investments

Optimize your technology investments

Optimizing change-management opportunities with common frameworks already in place and understood across the organization.

Future Proofing

Faster go-to-market

Accelerating the speed with which new projects can be assessed, mapped, and executed.

Reduce Risks Costs

Reduce risks and costs

Reducing the amount of rework, integration, and expense that arises when fragmented processes have to be stitched together.

What we deliver

QED42’s Digital Center of Excellence brings together a dedicated team of strategists who are passionate about technology and how it delivers business value. Our team of strategists and technologists work alongside our clients to strengthen their products and services with digital and technology expertise. Our centralized CoE team takes care of your implementation roadmap, enablement strategies, support model, and share best practices and training. This is a group of experts managed by our CoE lead, and is dedicated to establishing standards and drives the enterprise-wide success of your digital transformation journey. 

We address the following key areas to set up a CoE that resonates and aligns with your business requirements: 

Research and Innovation

We begin with evaluating your market, identifying your target demographics, and auditing. This helps us with the critical business intelligence for creating a strategy and acquiring technology in a logical sequence. We mitigate issues discovered during this phase, add more tools and platforms to capture relevant customer insights, improve customer experience and achieve operational excellence.

Enablement Strategy

Creating an effective and all-encompassing enablement strategy is critical to the success of your project. This component of your CoE identifies and assembles the team members with the right expertise to manage your project life cycle end-to-end. It also pre-plan all business processes, identifies the right digital tools that align with your existing technology ecosystem.

Solution Development

We assemble a team of designers, developers, and quality assurance engineers that accurately fit your requirements. This team follows the agile methodology and wholeheartedly works alongside you throughout the SDLC, right from design & prototyping, software development, testing, deployment to operations and maintenance of your product. 

Governance and Measurement

A solid governance model is vital for the success of a CoE. The role of governance and measurement is to organize and measure the performance and value delivered by the end product,  as well as the performance of the team. Our team will check on the client’s competitors and provide valuable inputs to keep the client apprised about the enhancements required to meet the market demands.

Relationship Management

Here we will align with the client’s culture and vision, to make sure that the CoE team is truly an extension of its brand. We will also ensure that the team is aligned with the client’s business objectives, design direction, content, and marketing strategies. This helps us optimize the project and cost. Along with this,  the CoE will also align with the client’s technology vision and strategy and alter the composition of the CoE team accordingly.

New Capabilities Assessment

Post the assessment of the existing ecosystem, we will identify new capabilities that will benefit the client’s business and align with its vision. Our team will then help the client with building a POC that will be tested in the client's  wider ecosystem. This will help the client identify and test out new opportunities without incurring a lot of cost. 

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