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September 20, 2021
January 10, 2020

Working at QED42 around Christmas

Working at QED42 around Christmas
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Come to think of it, everything that you write has already been written about. Sometimes you are just staring at the blank pages and its not the lack of words. It's the unnecessary thought of being different. When you are at a place to write, you cant ask for themes to write about but can always get inspired. So I did, Christmas was it!

Always Often "Just" with anything adds about to the recent diaries of a narrative, This word has contributed movies we laugh about and the famous T-shirts we wear (you could google, just adding to an activity afterwards), here is about my appropriate yet another use of the word, about my first Christmas at QED42.

As I was saying since "just Joined" at the end of November, the countdown to Christmas was officially on, joining a new workplace around the holidays wasn't completely intentional but it is the best time to know everyone, indulge in casual conversations, become a part of Secret Santa, Games and Gifts and all that food. Can it get more Merrier? It did, did it?

You ask for it or you don't there are things you get - Advice. I had a lot coming since it was my first month of work, a friend from the Human Resources Department at my former office said: "You can deck up all you want but you are still being judged, your actions are always accountable". Another friend who was an accessory designer and my salient lunch partner for two consecutive years added: "Go..., make an appearance, there is no reason not to go, participate in all activities - you might end up being real friends with some of them".

With an absolute fear of missing out I joined in and also because there has always been immense love for all festivals, respect for the traditions and craving for holidays that it brings along, it wasn't just for the plausible love for Christmas candies.

qed42 christmas

Christmas is a vibe while making sure you have the right vibe for it, you have to decorate. There was something so unusual when you witness the excitement everyone shares with the idea of DIY. It wasn't clinging to the idea of artificial joy. It was like Pinterest right in front of your eyes. We did that classic search for craft material in the cold of Delhi Streets within the radius of a close-by market, knowing we weren’t going to find everything we needed but hoping to pick up whatever we could with somehow managing to reach back office in the midst of honking vehicles and chaotic roads, Metro saved our day. Created our own Christmas tree with lights, reworked the styrofoam sheets, wrapped some ribbons, cut some paper, blew some balloons and we were good to go, all of us together and that was the whole point of it.

QED42 Christmas

The idea of being randomly assigned as somebody's secret Santa is exciting, what's more, exciting is the suspense of not knowing what your own gift is going to be at the same time finding out what your colleague wants. Very seldom at work, you get this one task that gets your hundred percent dedication without any follow-ups, its that task.

We had our well-lit tree made of little lights where the vibe was about the presence and not the presents somewhere amongst the impossible joy of shouting out the wrong holiday's song lyrics, I was handed over mine and for true reasons, I completely fell in love with my gift. It seemed like a day where you are shown how much you are cared about. It's the thought that counts.

QED42 Christmas

A little tradition of our own, a little competitiveness and all that too much fun were the Christmas evening games. There are few pictures but with a mental snapshot of everything there were connections being formed, joy being spread and we were giving each other the gift that means the most, the gift of time.

Wrapping this up with a green bow with jute trims. I know where to look for more words now. we are all together in this observing, getting inspired and creating.

QED42 Christmas

Wishing you a happy new year and many successes in personal and professional life as a part of the QED42 family, until another year to come. "Just" Hopefully.

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